April Shower Spa Time

April Shower Spa Time

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 Pamper when it’s pouring out with Biore skinpreservation products, says Cincy Chic editor Linda

When it’s rainy and gross outside, driving through traffic to the sound of your windshield wipers on full blast isn’t exactly the most relaxing thing you could be doing. So, instead of heading to a spa, turn your house into a haven with these simple steps we’ve developed from experience.


1. Turn on some relaxing music.


With the beauty of Pandora, you don’t have to run out to get a CD or even download anything from iTunes. Just create a station using a song or artist who calms your nerves.


2. Lower the lights.


d2dWebInstoryGIF.GIF Avoid the harsh glare of overhead lights by turning on some lamps with an amber glow. Or you can forget the lamps altogether and just relax to some flickering flames by lighting some candles. If your relaxation room of choice has a window, you might not even need the candles. Just open the blinds/curtains for some natural light. You might also want to crack the window, as the sounds of rain can add to the music you choose.


3. Warm some towels.


You don’t need to invest in a towel warmer for your spa day. Run some hand towels and washcloths under hot water, squeeze out the excess water, and put them in mixing bowls. Cover the bowls with aluminum foil to keep the warmth and moisture in the towels so that they’re ready and waiting when you need them. For some added relaxation, you can add some herbs or essential oils. (Lavender is my preference.) Also, have another bowl ready to put the used towels.


4. Make your facial selections.


You’ll want to choose your products for your facial. For an affordable, effective and enjoyable experience, I usually go with Biore skinpreservation products. I first discovered these skincare gems through a swag bag at one of Cincy Chic‘s events. Many other products make me break out, but this line keeps my skin clean from both dirt and blemishes.


So, I choose the "clean things up" as my cleanser, the "even smoother" as my exfoliator and the "hard day’s MitchellsInstoryGIF.gifnight" as my moisturizer. For a toner, I switch to Votre Vu’s Attentive toner. All of these products offer a nice scent without being overpowering. I choose the overnight moisturizer over a regular moisturizer for my rainy day spa days because it offers a little more hydration, and I don’t plan to put any makeup on for the rest of the day.


5. Start with a steam.


After you have your music on, your lighting set, your towels ready and your products picked out, settle into bed or onto a couch. Take out two of the towels and recover the mixing bowl. Lay one of the towels over your face and the other on your neck. As your pores open up, just relax, listen to the music and feel the warmth of the towel.


6. Cleanse away.


After a couple minutes, put the towels in the empty mixing bowl and apply your cleanser. I like to leave the cleanser on a couple minutes and cover my face with another warm towel to let the product work its magic. When you’re ready, grab another towel and gently remove the cleanser.


7. Exfoliate.


Next, grab your exfoliator and apply it to your face in a circular motion. I love the "even smoother" for this because it offers a microdermabrasion experience without the steep cost. Grab the towel you used to remove the cleanser and use the other half to gently remove the exfoliator.


8. Tone and moisturize.


Once you get all the exfoliator off, pat your face dry and apply your toner. Then massage your moisturizer into your skin and enjoy your fresh face and relaxed self!


Photos courtesy of Biore