A Runner’s Guide To Skincare

A Runner’s Guide To Skincare

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1. Runners and other athletes, male and female, should clean their faces daily. "During summer outdoor activities such as running, athletes should clean their face with an exfoliant containing lactic acid (milk)," explains Yolanda Webb, CEO of E'LON Cosmetics. "This will remove build up from dull congested skin cells, which result from open pores and sweat glands." She says E'LON's Non-Fat Dry Milk Deep Refining Cleanser is great for this.

2. And as you hit the pavement, don't forget your hydrating toner with cucumber. Webb shares a pearl of skin care wisdom: "Put toner in a spray bottle and chill overnight before the big race. Carry it with you and mist yourself as you run. This makes a great skin hydrator."

3. Before that sun beats down on you, make sure you protect your skin with a moisturizer containing SPF. "Marathon runners and other athletes should use oil-free daily moisturizers with silk proteins," explains Webb. She says E'LON's Oil-Free Moisturizers and their signature Veil Primer work to create an invisible barrier for the skin and both have an SPF 15.

4. There are few things worse than chapped lips, and one of them is having chapped lips when your chap stick is MIA. "Don't forget that lips should be protected as much as the rest of the skin," explains Webb. She says E'LON's Vitamin E Sticks protect the lips from the wind and sun and they contain an SPF 15.

So, to avoid dry, cracked or uncomfortable skin, which can take your focus off of the race, don't forget the four most helpful ways to replenish your skin while protecting it from the sun.