How to be Simply Sultry

How to be Simply Sultry

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Not sure Charlize rolls out of bed looking sultry. But she has the basics to get the look started. It’s that healthy look. Consider the condition of you hair, skin and teeth before you worry about a sultry outfit. Try products to make your hair shiny, your skin smooth and teeth pearly white. For healthy hair tips, click here.

Give your hair a sophisticated sexy look. Lisa Herman, owner of Salon Urbanity at Adams Landing, suggests upswept hair or long soft curls.

You can appear sultry simply by accentuating your assets. If your eyes are your best feature, accentuate them with a smoky look and add extreme lashes (available at Urbanity). Love your lips? Rev them up with red lipstick. Great hair? Add a sparkly hair clip or band to turn heads. But remember, it’s the total package hair, skin and physique. But while you should only accentuate one or two physical features to avoid looking overdone, your confidence is a necessary component to any successful sultry look.

And now, what to wear? Consider your body type before you purchase the dress that looks so smooth and sultry on the mannequin. Remember, she’s totally in proportion and doesn’t have any bulges or extra pounds. She’s definitely not your average woman.

Glance through tips on finding the right dress considering your body type here.
Black can instantly make you feel sexier. Emily McAlister, assistant manager at Forever 21, says a $40 dress in pink may look cheap, but the same dress in black looks expensive. Add a gold or red belt for a dramatic effect. Yes, the little black dress is a safe and sultry choice for an evening out. Little black dresses with "wow" can be found at the Nordstrom site.

But don’t get stuck in a little black dress rut. Experiment! Be sexy and stylish. Emily suggests a black and white polka dot shirt with a black corset over it. Yes, you do need confidence to pull off this one.

Wear something that shows off your figure, but keeps them guessing. Try a neckline that’s somewhat low (not too low, though) or off the shoulder for a sensual effect. Try layering a patterned camisole under a see-through top to add a touch of intrigue.

Shoes are "sole food" for women. Stilettos and boots kick an outfit up to sexy status. Stilettos and platform shoes make you feel long and lean.

Ok, think you’re ready to step out? Look in the mirror. Maybe you need to rethink that killer outfit. Be honest with yourself. Are you looking more like Charlize or Peggy?

Now that you have it all together, before you go out that door, remember your attitude. Wrap yourself in an air of confidence. Now that’s sultry!