Bow to the Queen…of Brows!

Bow to the Queen…of Brows!

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Beauty confession: When I was 15, I was a victim of over-plucking. Then, at 19, I fell prey to an overzealous aesthetician who seemed to believe eyebrows “just got in the way of the face” and waxed so thin and high, that my expression appeared to be permanently surprised. My eyebrows eventually recovered from the trauma, but I have been hesitant to seek alternative depilation methods, until I experienced threading and became a loyal subject of her majesty, Haneen Farhan, the self-proclaimed “Queen of Brows.”


“Come, you must be my client, first. When I’m done, even if they pay you, you won’t want to go to anyone else,” Farhan cooed coyly. I thought this was going to be tragic episode number three, but I obliged, thinking surely a woman with a moniker like “Queen of Brows” could be trusted. The result? It’s amazing what a piece of thread can do when in the hands of a true expert.


Farhan, a native of Iraq and owner of Queen of Brows & Day Spa in Blue Ash, is a master of the ancient hair removal technique, threading. Called “khite” in Arabic, the method originated in India and the Middle East, and has been gaining popularity in the U.S.


A cotton thread is doubled up and rolled over the unwanted hair in a twisting motion, catching the hairs and removing it from the follicle. The method is quick, painless and perfect for those with sensitive skin, or using products containing Retin A. Threading can also remove any other unwanted facial hair, including the upper lip and side of the face.


“Threading only removes the hair, unlike waxing where it removes skin as well, causing irritation and a loss of elasticity over time. Anyone with a skin issue can’t wax, but they can thread. No problem,” Farhan says.


To begin, Farhan first uses an eyebrow pencil to draw a line of precision. “I’m like a cosmetic surgeon, she says. She then enacts what she calls a “plan for your eyes,” that she has crafted from the time you walk in. Farhan has years of experience studying facial beauty, and insists only a true artist can shape and correct the eyebrows, making a dramatic improvement in countenance. 


And even those with the most hirsute brows (ahem, men) can benefit from threading. Farhan encourages her female clients to bring in their significant others for some grooming maintenance, and now boasts the mayor of Blue Ash as one of her clients, after his wife insisted he try threading. Farhan also has the devoted following of the BenGal cheerleaders, who have been her clients for more than two years.


Threading services are $25, but always 25 percent off for new clients. Farhan offers other services like permanent makeup, eyelash tinting, facials and sugaring. Packages range from $60-$100, and prices are assessed based on each client. But never leave an unhappy customer, “You don’t like, you don’t pay. All services guaranteed,” Farhan asserts.


So, go and get your thread on and visit Queen of Brows & Day Spa at 9573 Kenwood Road, Blue Ash, OH 45242 (next to Blue Ash Chili) or call 513-362-0050 to schedule your appointment.



Courtesy of Haneen Farhan
Photographer: Sherri Barber Photography