Cures for the Common Pedicure

Cures for the Common Pedicure

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Your feet have been in hiding all winter. But warmer weather is here and it’s time to step out into all the fab Spring shoe fashions with a pedicure. But not just any pedicure. Cincy Chic dug up the most unique pedicures in the city so you can put your foot down on boring toe trends!

Avalon Salon and Spa
, located in the Hyde Park Plaza, has a pedicure to fit in any schedule. They have a quick 30-minute “Glimpse into Avalon” pedicure, which is just enough time to relax your feet and refresh your toe polish. With a few more minutes, you can get the 45-minute solar pedicure, which includes an exfoliating sweet almond and sea salt treatment that gently polishes the skin, followed by a moisturizing shea butter calf and leg massage. But give them 60 minutes, and Avalon will truly knock your socks off. Here’s a list of their specialty 60-minute pedi-pamperings:


  • Seasonal Pedicure. Refine and pamper hardworking feet with an invigorating scrub, soothing vitamin-rich masque and stress-melting pink grapefruit massage. Skin will be smoothed, renewed and party pretty.
  • Cooling Oasis Pedicure. A revitalizing pedicure designed to perk-up even the most overtaxed feet. A gentle mineral salt scrub exfoliation is followed by a double dose of refreshment, which features a cooling marine masque followed by a cooling massage with marine gel.
  • Intense Callus Remedy. Abused feet are brought back to life in a refreshing eucalyptus and tea tree oil bath, and then exfoliated with an invigorating peppermint scrub. Calluses are gently smoothed away with an intense 20 percent lactic acid buff and remedied with a dose of cucumber heal therapy. Calves and feet are massaged with a refreshing, mint cooling marine gel.
  • Avalon Spa Pedicure. A luxurious marine-inspired “facial for the feet.” This pedicure features a 4-step exfoliation process of beach sand, quartz crystals, sea salt and alpha-hydroxy acid. This is followed by a rejuvenating marine-algae foot masque and an award winning cucumber heal therapy to relieve dry, cracked heels. Finished with a pampering foot and calf massage.
  • Fire And Ice Pedicure. Enjoy a warming exfoliating sugar-based scrub followed by a cooling foot marine masque. This is a mentholated, mud mask with refreshing, aroma-therapeutic benefits of spearmint. The cooling effect helps relieve achy, tired feet and lasts for about an hour after the pedicure is completed. The service continues with a moisturizing foot and calf massage and finished off with a meticulous pedicure.
  •  Raw Earth Ritual. A super hydrating aroma-therapeutic pedicure enhanced with vitamins and minerals to promote beautiful, healthy looking feet. The feet are cleansed with a fizzing mineral soak, followed by a warm sugar scrub to gently exfoliate and smooth the skin. A moisturizing volcanic clay foot masque deeply hydrates and prepares you for a relaxing foot and calf massage.
  • Bliss. Exclusively at Avalon, enjoy an “Eminence Seasonal Facial” and the “Seasonal Pedicure” at the same time (drool!). Relax while Avalon’s estheticians and nail technicians work together to indulge your senses and treat your feet and face.

050508NEWBEGINNINGS.jpg At Mitchell’s Salon and Spa, you can add perfection to your peep toes with a wide range of nail enhancement options, such as acrylic, fiberglass or gel nails. Yes, you can get fake toe nails!

At Valenti Salon in Anderson Township, pedicure clients can upgrade any pedicure with a paraffin treatment for an additional $10. By temporarily adding softness, the treatment acts as a mini facelift for feet. Valenti also offers a Hot Stone Deluxe Pedicure, where heated basalt stones are used to massage the feet and legs to relieve sore muscles and tired feet. And because you can never be too young for a little pampering, Valenti has a “Junior Spa Pedicure” for kids under 12.

Tuscany Spa and Salon, an Italian-themed spa located on Montgomery Rd. in Symmes Township, offers a unique “Sports Pedicure” which cuts the nail slightly shorter than normal and uses additional strengtheners to keep nails beautiful, longer – no matter how many goals you score and miles you run!

Don’t gamble on a good pedicure. Go to Belterra Casino in Lawrenceburg for their “Beleza’s Best Pedicure.” It starts with a softening, hydrating soak of eucalyptus, which leaves your feet feeling cool and refreshed. Next, an exfoliating masque of our nutty almond and mineral treatment is applied, which leaves your feet soft and smooth. Then, they treat your feet with their moisturizing peach masque and steamed towels. Wait, there’s more… After applying the marine masque, they paint your feet with a special paraffin masque to moisturize and soothe your skin. This delectable 60-minute pedicure is then finished off with an OPI polish.


Pure Concept Salon and Spa, with one location at the Deerfield Towne Center and the other in Kenwood, specializes in a Caribbean Therapy pedicure, which utilizes plant based ingredients native to the Caribbean along with special baths, warm seaweed masques and massage techniques unique to the Caribbean style.

Tips 2 Toes Salon, in Price Hill, specializes in 3-D nail art designs and pedicures in the following “flavors”: Oatmeal and Honey, Chocolate and Citrus.

Salon Urbanity, located adjacent to downtown at 900b Adams Crossing, offers two types of specialty pedicures:


  • Raw Earth Spa Pedicure. This aromatherapy pedicure promotes healthy skin beginning with a fizzy soak exfoliation and a self-heating scrub that prepares the skin for the volcanic clay foot mask that is applied from the knees down and followed up with nail care and polish.
  • Milk and Honey Pedicure. This aromatherapy pedicure promotes soft and senuous skin beginning with a milk and honey exfoliation that softens and prepares the skin for the soothing foot mask followed up with nail care and polish.

Woodhouse Day Spa in Old Montgomery has a wide variety of specialty pedicures, but their all-natural products make them even more special. Here are a few of their unique human- and earth-friendly pedi packages:

  • Egyptian Pedicure. This incredible pedicure combines a traditional pedicure with a reflexology treatment. Reflexology is based on the ancient belief that each organ in the body corresponds to a reflex point in the foot. Using gentle thumb and finger pressure points, the therapist releases blockage and re-establishes the body’s energy flow. You and your feet will feel completely refreshed and rejuvenated.
  • Foam Sea Soak Pedicure. This soothing foot soak supplies the necessary nutrients to return tired, abused feet to a healthy, refreshed state and features a therapeutic combination of natural ingredients that moisturize, soften and revitalize.
  • Peppermint Sea Scrub. An exclusive blend of peppermint oil and sea salt delivers a thorough exfoliating pedicure experience while hydrating the skin. The exfoliating granules stimulate circulation as they soften dry skin.
  • Seaweed Foot Facial. This therapeutic pedicure combines the beneficial properties of seaweed and essential oils which help reduce swelling and fluid retention. In addition to offering extreme hydration for your feet, seaweed and essential oils contain strong anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Experience the warmth from volcanic stones which are massaged on the lower legs and feet, enhancing circulation and reducing stress and tension.

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