Beauty The Way Nature Intended

Beauty The Way Nature Intended

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Turn around that jar of very expensive, very French anti-aging cream, and read the ingredient label. If you can’t pronounce anything past AQUA (good ol’ water) or you haven’t obtained a B.S. in chemical engineering, you probably don’t know what’s in the beauty products you use (DIBUTYL PHTHALATE, anyone?).

Even the seemingly innocuous ingredient, “fragrance,” could consist of 3,163 different chemicals — none of which are required to appear on a label, according to the Environmental Working Group. The truth is women use a staggering amount of beauty products each day, all containing potentially harmful ingredients.


While the full danger of these chemicals is still unknown, it’s worth taking a closer look at your beauty routine and trying to incorporate products with ingredients not manufactured in a lab. Thankfully, you can head to Avalon Salon and Aesthetic Day Spa, located in Hyde Park and experience a line of skin care derived entirely from the earth. Éminence Organic Skin Care, a Hungarian-based company, only uses organically grown fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs in their products to achieve clinically tested highly effective results.


Free of parabens and harsh chemicals, this award-winning line can treat a variety of skin concerns from wrinkles to acne, all with ingredients you could certainly pronounce and recognize in nature. Just let the experts at Avalon offer you the Éminence Experience facial and indulge your skin in a 75 minute treatment, customized with Éminence products to address your exact skin needs.


“The Hungarians are known for their skin care and Éminence offers products in high quality concentrates that deliver results. They’re also an environmentally friendly company and well respected in the skin care industry,” says Tyler Huff, a veteran esthetician at Avalon.


Huff gave me the Éminence Experience facial to see for myself the power of natural skincare. And let me assure you, the whole process will leave you with a relaxed mind, invigorated senses and of course, radiant skin.


The full-service facial cleanses, tones, treats, and hydrates, all in the private setting of a tranquil spa room. Huff expertly explains the products and the features and benefits of the active ingredients. The high concentrates are so pure and undiluted; most products have to be refrigerated to maintain freshness.


That’s not to say my Yam and Pumpkin Enzyme Peel was nothing more than Thanksgiving leftovers — these products are backed by extensive old world knowledge of natural, beautifying ingredients and most contain Éminence’s trademarked Biocomplex: an antioxidant booster that effectively combats those nasty skin damaging, free radicals.


You’ll be certain that natural products can give you beautiful skin, without the questionable chemicals. And Éminence Organic Skin Care is always hand-made, never mass produced and animal cruelty free, so even more reason to feel good about looking good!


The Éminence Experience facial is $107 and the most popular Éminence products are available for purchase at Avalon. Call (513) 533-1700 to book your appointment, or visit to learn more. Visit to learn more about the company’s product offerings.