Summer Beauty Trends from the Runway to Your Way

Summer Beauty Trends from the Runway to Your Way

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Kelly Ledford-Weidus, makeup artist and owner of Cinci Makeup, says "Naked skin is in."

Spying on the myriad of designers and styles strutting the catwalk, it’s obvious we’re spoiled for choice. And when it comes to makeup, there is truly something for everyone.


At first blush, the clear front runner for a summer beauty trend is the color coral. From juicy and tropical tangerine, to a more subtle gleam of peach, designers everywhere combed the oceans and beaches seeking out that perfect sun-kissed glow. It’s a fabulous alternative to actual tanning, which is so not chic.


Speaking of peach, pastels are still hot this year, just remember to pick hues that are complementary to your skin tone and eye color, not the requisite "one blue eye shadow fits all" look of years gone by (hello 1980s).


From New York to Paris, the word on everyone’s lips was a bright burst of color. Gucci, Fendi and Marni featured fierce, dramatic reds and pinks signaling a return to glamour. But this season, the look is more of a matte, lush finish, as opposed to a glossy, sticky feel.


Normally a fashion no-no, the models at Gucci also sported fire engine red talons painted to match their perky pouts. This was clearly a nod to the disco glamour of the 1970s, the perfect complement to their Studio 54 inspired evening collection. 


A surprise hit of the season dominated and shocked with splashes of sunshine from nails to eyelids. Bright, bold yellows hit runways such as Elie Saab and L.A.M.B. in every shade from marigold to saffron. What a glorious way to brighten up a room.


If statement makeup is your thing, take your cue from Christian Dior: Bold colors on the eyes brought a very retro, almost cartoonish feel to the catwalk. The models of Dior sported a stunning look featuring high-intensity, vibrant shades (yellow, pink, orange, neon green and purple), with an almost lacquer-like feel, and black cat eyeliner.


For those who prefer a more natural look for Cincinnati’s notorious balmier months, designers did not disappoint. Both Jason Wu and Derek Lam chose shimmery light hues of luminescent green, gold and white hot silver. Dolce and Gabbana went for a totally natural look with the base of an absolutely flawless complexion, sun-dappled cheeks and nude lips.


The Cincy Chic Show‘s own makeup artist and owner of Cinci Makeup, Kelly Ledford-Weidus, completely agrees with this summer makeup philosophy. MitchellsInstoryGIF.gif


"It’s all about showing off your beautiful skin and not having too much caked-on winter makeup," says Ledford-Weidus. "Naked skin is in." She recommends having a good basic skin regime, which includes polishing, cleansing and moisturizing. "This will keep your skin looking radiant for the summer."


As for color, Ledford-Weidus loves corals, and finds that since there are so many different shades available, it’s easy to match any skin tone. She recommends having a good bronzer and lip gloss, and perhaps an accent color for your eyeliner.


If the runway looks are too bold for you, Ledford-Weidus suggests trying a burst of color in your eyeliner or mascara. "You don’t have to go crazy with these shades, try using them to accent your eye color – sometimes a navy, plum or teal liner or mascara makes all the difference."


Whichever makeup palette is your look of choice, the options in the stores are often bewildering. Ledford-Weidus loves to accompany her clients to help them choose just the right formulations and colors for their skin types and tones. An expert in many different cosmetic lines, she excels in selecting exactly which products are right for each person and ensures that unnecessary or redundant items aren’t purchased.


You should never feel as if you need to buy every product a particular line has to offer if it’s not right for you. The important thing to remember is that a trend is just that, something that will change. So, never take trends too literally, and make sure to adapt them to your comfort level and lifestyle.


Kelly Ledford-Weidus is the owner and chief makeup artist of Cinci Makeup and can be reached at


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