Beauty Boutiques

Beauty Boutiques

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You might need a beauty boutique if…

…You walk though your favorite department store’s beauty section and are inundated by the dazzling choices. There are hundreds of fragrances protected and displayed in shiny glass cases, colorful makeup displays with every color imaginable and hoards of sales people bombarding you in the aisle spraying you with perfumes, slathering on lotion and talking about their free gift with purchase. . As you politely decline and walk away, you wonder why your nose tingles and your head is dizzy. Maybe it was the overwhelming salesperson, or the overwhelming perfume… or both.

…You are tired of fighting crowds to get the help of an esthetician. Face it. Some of us just can’t pick out the makeup that brings out our inner beauty. That’s why there are professionals. Unfortunately, most of the time department store makeup counters are so busy you can’t get time with one of their artists, even if you do have an appointment. If you are looking for one-on-one attention to address your individual beauty needs, good luck.

…You need just the right tools. A master carpenter doesn’t just pick out any old drill. He carefully selects the right model from a brand he trusts to build someone’s dream home. Same goes for your personal care. We need to have the right tools for the job. All of those tools aren’t always offered at a department store’s makeup counters.

 …You’re not looking for a one-size-fits-all kind of shopping experience.
Beauty boutiques are typically smaller and offer a more select product group. Because of their size, they also typically service fewer customers, making them able to focus on just you while you are in their shop. An added benefit is that, chances are, they are going to remember you when you come in again. Imagine taking the relationship with your hairdresser and translating that to a makeup artist! We’ll pause for you to finish your happy dance.

Big cities are loaded with these specialty beauty boutiques such as Shu Uemura in New York City, which strives to create a relaxing environment and doesn’t try to force a product on you with a sales gimmick. Typically, these stores just want you to be happy and be happy with yourself. More than just selling you a product, they want you to be satisfied with yourself and your appearance.

Fortunately, Cincinnati isn’t a stranger to specialty beauty boutiques. The Queen City is home to several specialty stores, and their right at your beautifully polished fingertips.

0608TRINA.gif E’LON Cosmetics
Tri County Mall
Sharonville, OH
If you are a woman of color tired of trying to find the right makeup shade to fit your skin tone, Yolanda Webb has you covered. A former model who grew tired of having to mix her makeup to suit her skin, she created a full line of her own!

Covington, Ky.
If you are thinking about or have already switched to organic cosmetics, Cher-Chique is the place for you! This shop offers NVEY ECO certified organic makeup and Vada Pure and Natural Skin Care Products.

Zoe Custom Cosmetics
Covington, Ky.
Compared to Bobbi Brown cosmetics, Zoe Custom Cosmetics is a local line of high-quality makeup. Stop by the shop on Madison Avenue for expert advice and to set up your very own palette party with your girlfriends!

le Studio des Parfums Galimard
Oakley, OH
While it’s not your typical “beauty boutique,” they are in the business of making the air around you beautiful. le Studio offers everyone the opportunity to create an individualized scent, unique to their body chemistry and favorite aromas. And because it’s nestled next to Coco’s on Madison Rd. and right across from the acclaimed restaurant Pho Paris, you can make it a French-themed night (and smell good while you’re at it)!