On-the-Go Beauty Tips

On-the-Go Beauty Tips

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Time management is essential in any routine so the best way to accommodate your skin care regimen into your daily hustle and bustle is to save yourself time by planning ahead. Lay out your makeup items and skin care products you know you’ll need the night before. Display your products on your bathroom sink and arrange them in the order that you’ll be using them so you don’t skip anything. By already having your morning skin care and makeup items set up, all you have to do is wake up instead of wasting minutes looking for your favorite beauty item. It also helps to coordinate your makeup colors with the next day’s outfit ahead of time as well so you know that your look will be complete.

Use simple skin care and makeup items that don’t take forever to apply. Practice your makeup application until you feel so confident that you can do it in your sleep. 

Showering at night saves you tons of time in the morning, so all you have left to do is cleanse, tone and moisturize. Learn to multitask effectively by using products like 2-in-1 cleansers that also exfoliate or tone. This frees up a few steps out of your morning skin care regimen. To help set your makeup more effectively, allow your moisturizer to sit on your face for at least five minutes prior to application. This helps makeup set better. While you’re waiting for your skin to completely absorb the moisturizer, start working on your hair and/or brush your teeth. By the time you get your tresses tamed and your smile bright, you’ll be all set to go for makeup.

Skip time-consuming eyeliner and opt for a light coat of mascara and stick to one shade of eye shadow. Dab on some lipstick or gloss. When it comes to foundation, one of the quickest ways to apply it in a hurry is to dot your forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. Then use a clean sponge to smoothly blend. Check in a mirror using a bright light to make sure there are no streaks or other problems spots. If foundation takes too long, go without and sport the natural look. The most radiant skin happens when your skin isn’t covered with layers of foundation, powder and concealer. If you don’t have the skin to pull off the “au naturale” look, then remember that less is more.

Source: carefair.com