Five Minute Face

Five Minute Face

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We spoke with Tanya Tieman from Tanyas Image and Wellness Salon and she has a few essential steps to share:

  • Begin with a mineral or medium coverage powder, sweep evenly all over face
  • Apply soft blush and/or bronzer on cheeks
  • Sweep a light shade of eye shadow all over lids
  • Apply a medium shade of eye shadow in the crease of the eye
  • Line the top of the eyes along lashline
  • Apply a couple of coats of mascara
  • Lastly, yet still very important, apply lip gloss

If you need to skip a step due to time constraints or personal preference, Tieman recommends skipping applying the medium eye shadow in the crease. This list may seem like it will take longer than five minutes, but believe me, that’s all you need. I timed it out myself!

As an added bonus, here are some helpful tidbits from makeup artist Carmindy’s Web site. If you are not familiar with her by name, she is the makeup artist on TLC’s What Not To Wear, and works with a plethora of magazines; Elle, Cosmopolitan and O, just to name a few.

  • Make sure when applying blush, whether cream or powder, blend well. Avoid harsh lines or splotches. Apply to the apples of your cheek and cheekbones. Cream blush is recommended only for those with smooth skin. A pinkish coral color looks good on almost everyone.
  • Bronzer should be applied to the apples, cheekbones, temples and a little on the forehead, nose and chin. This gives that nice sun-kissed glow.
  • A highlighting eye shadow can be all you need on your eyes. Apply under eyebrows and on tear ducts. This gives you an open and awake look.
  • When lining your eyes, the closer to the lash line, the more natural the look.
  • Mascara on the top lashes is a must.