High (Beauty) Society

High (Beauty) Society

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There’s no membership to this club. Just buying the products make you a part of Beauty Society, a skincare and makeup line that goes much further than skin deep. And this is one club you feel good to be a part of.


Focused on being a socially conscious business, each Beauty Society consultant, or diva, who reaches the management level is paired with a woman from a third-world country through a group called Women for Women International. The divas and their assigned "sisters" then share letters and photos, and a portion of Beauty Society’s proceeds goes toward supporting these women.


While local diva Amanda Bentley works toward achieving management status, her team leader, Renita Kilgore, shares the experience with her. Kilgore had a sister in Bosnia and now has another sister in Nigeria. "[Kilgore’s sister] used the money that she received to grow crops for her children, to feed her children, and I thought that was really special because she’s using that to live off of, to basically provide food for her family," Bentley says.



Beyond helping women around the globe, Beauty Society works to support the globe itself through its Treasure not Trash program. With this program, Beauty Society encourages its members to reuse their bottles with refill opportunities. Available for 30 percent less than the original product, refill packs allow you to reuse your Beauty Society bottles and reduce your impact on Mother Earth.


To take advantage of this opportunity, Beauty Society members just purchase the original bottle once and then buy refill packs through Bentley’s Web site or through her directly. Using this program, you never have to throw your bottle away, but you still are able to enjoy the benefits of the great products. 070510BEAUTY3.jpg


As far as those great products go, Beauty Society offers one of the top-selling products at Nordstrom with Enormous Lash. This Latisse competitor lengthens and thickens eyelashes to provide for a wide-eyed and beautiful type of sexy. Unlike Latisse, however, this product has not been linked with negative side effects, and it is safe for women of all skin types.


While Enormous Lash is available through Nordstrom, most of the Beauty Society products only are available through the society’s divas. For more information about their products and organization, visit MyBeautySociety.com/Amanda or set up a soiree with Bentley by calling (859) 393-0473.

Neysa Ruhl

Model: Amanda Bentley

Location: Lofts@4120