Quick Makeup Tools, Tricks and Tips

Quick Makeup Tools, Tricks and Tips

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Find yourself putting the final touches on your makeup in the rearview mirror? Given up because you don’t have hours to invest in a daily beautifying routine? Wish you could follow a simple yet effective set of steps that actually work for you?

If you have five minutes, we have just the things to make you look fabulous. Like what? Avon’s new, unique and time saving instant eye shadow sheets, which will be available July 11. Instant eye shadow sheets allow everyone to create the perfect eye every day and all you have to do is press it against your lid and peel it away. Then, like magic, you have eye shadow applied perfectly in seconds.

“The intro price for 14 sheets (two eyes per sheet) is only $5.99,” says Jill Rodenberg, a Cincinnati-based Avon representative.0208GIBBERMAN.gif

Originally developed by Irina Iosilevich, a manufacturer for Color On Pro, this product has been featured on the Tyra show and is perfect for every woman on the go.

 Now that the eyes are covered, there are a few more places that will need some touching up. Luckily, Sephora offers some great two-in-one products to get you in and out of the powder room in no time.

According to Julie Gehouf, store director for Sephora on Montgomery Rd. in Cincinnati, every make-up bag should be complete with these five items:

  1. Lip gloss/ Lip stick
  2. SPF
  3. Blush
  4. Mascara
  5. Travel size perfume

For your lips, Sephora offers a product called the Double Cake, which is a lip gloss and lip liner all in one. This product costs about $22 but will cut your make up time in half, as it prevents you searching through your make up bag for both pieces.

As for the SPF, Gehouf recommends and SPF 55 in their Shiseido brand. This will run you $33, but will save your skin the hassle of battling pesky things like dry skin, wrinkles and skin cancer.
When it comes to the blush, Gehouf says the NARS has the best. She says the most popular color is Orgasm, a peachy color with shimmer. This product will run you $25 and will add the perfect sun kissed glow to your face.

In addition, Gehouf says Dior show is the most popular of the mascaras this season and costs $24, but with a jumbo brush, your lashes will be visible miles away.

Finally, Gehouf insists that every woman should carry a travel size perfume with her, the most popular being Daisy by Marc Jacobs. For a 0.5 oz Eau de Parfum Spray of Daisy, it will run you $22.

All together, these five must-have items will cost you about $100, but your sanity saved by your five-minute face is priceless.


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