Beautiful Brows with Ciara Roberts

Beautiful Brows with Ciara Roberts

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Eyebrow specialist Ciara Roberts
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Want a simple way to make a good first impression? Eyebrow specialist Ciara Roberts can help you out with an easy way to frame your face make features pop.


Although Roberts now focuses on eyebrow shaping, she started her career in the beauty industry with slightly different ambitions. “As a teen and young adult I had terrible acne, [which] really affected my self confidence,” says Roberts. “I became obsessed with finding a solution and would buy any product a salesperson put in my hand.”


In order to become more informed about how to care for her skin, Roberts chose to enroll in cosmetology school. She attended Paul Mitchell Cincinnati Academy and learned extensively about hair care, but not a lot about skincare. Consequently, Roberts made the decision to study makeup and skincare on her own. “I had a lot of experience doing corrective makeup on myself and thought that it would be fun to help other women feel better about themselves in a similar way,” says Roberts. “I absolutely fell in love with makeup!”


Roberts spent a few years working in the cosmetic departments of stores such as Macy’s, Nordstrom, Saks 5th Avenue and Sephora. It was during these years that she developed an interest in eyebrow shaping. “Brows are such a prominent feature and they are really the only feature we have the ability to change quickly and easily without needles or going under the knife,” Roberts says. She believes that one’s eyebrows are strongly linked to nonverbal communication. “If you think about it, when you’re talking to someone, you are most likely looking at their eyes,” says Roberts. “As the brows move around they give your face the expression, [and] you can’t avoid it, everyone is looking at your brows.”


Roberts gradually shifted her focus to a specialization in eyebrows. Now, working as an independent contractor out of Salon Rhonda’s at Knickers XY in Hyde Park, Roberts is able to customize her client experience by focusing on what she loves. Though her business is mainly centered on eyebrow waxing and shaping, Roberts also offers services such as general facial waxing, airbrush makeup and eyelashes tinting or extensions, as well as combination services that may include brows and other waxing. Price points for brow services may range from $16 for an express brow wax to $60 for a brow wax, brow tint and lash tint.


Roberts says her attention to detail is what sets her apart from others. “I hand-picked all of my supplies and prep and finishing products with the skin’s integrity in mind,” says Roberts. “I customize what I’m doing for every face, and take the time to sketch out the shape and get approval before any hair is removed.”


While she’s certainly open to growing her business, Roberts says she’s in no hurry to make big changes for now. “I believe in living in the moment; I’m really happy right now so I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing with no plans to change a thing,” Roberts says. “I get to go to work everyday and people are excited to see me and truly appreciate me; how many can say that about their job? I feel very blessed.”


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