Beauty Beat: Deep Conditioning Hair Treatments

Beauty Beat: Deep Conditioning Hair Treatments

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In case you didn't notice, we're in the dead of summer here. And this Cincinnati heat probably has you running to the nearest pool for a refreshing dip, or lounge chair to bask in the sunlight. Both of which, by the way, are raising havoc on your hair.

Rosina Luca, a stylist and the marketing director at Avalon Salon in the Hyde Park plaza, says now is the time when your hair needs a big drink of water the most. "With summer, comes swimming, wind, more exposure to environmental contaminants and changes to your hair color," she says. "For these issues, we recommend a deep conditioning, such as our Kerastase hair care treatment."

And you can't get these Kerastase treatments just anywhere, ladies. "We're one of three salons in Cincinnati to offer this high-end product," Luca says. Apparently, Avalon had to go through a lengthy interview process to even be considered for carrying the line at their salon. Touché!

Surprisingly, the treatment isn't a lengthy one. It only takes 10 minutes (and $35) for the express treatment, which lasts up to four weeks with the appropriate care. "What's the appropriate care?" you may ask. Luca says high-quality shampoos and conditioners (i.e., not the ones you buy at Kroger) is a start. Use high-quality (again, ix-nay on the roger-kay) protective gels and serums before using that curling iron or flattening iron. Also, keep your hair inside a hat when you go for a run, and keep your hair out of the chlorine at the pool.

To learn more about Avalon's exclusive Kerastase products, go here or call (513) 533-1700.