The Beauty of Chocolate

The Beauty of Chocolate

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For a chocolatey indulgence without the calories, look no further than the newest crop of chocolate infused and inspired beauty products. These creative cosmetic confections possess the irresistible appeal of one of the world’s most decadent delights—chocolate; but, does the ideal ingredient for a bonbon belong in your bath beads? Well, according to the ISHI Elements, the purveyors of what they refer to as “skinfood lines for the face and body," there are some compelling reasons why chocolate can hold its own in cosmetic formulations. They cite the following in support of what they call: “ChocoTherapy” and its benefits:

  • Polyphenols, derived from the cocoa bean, are present in chocolate and have an exceptional anti-oxidant and anti-radical capability.
  • A constituent of fundamental importance to cocoa, especially from a cosmetic and aesthetics point of view, is theobromine, a substance of the methylxanthine group (to which caffeine also belongs), having excellent energizing, thermogenic and lipolysis stimulating effects.
  • Today the use of cocoa butter is widely established, particularly in lipsticks. It is also used as an emulsion for the face and body due to its excellent emollient and restorative properties.
  • So, if you’re tempted to sample a topical sweet, here is the list of chocolate treats that will cocoon you in cocoa from your head to your feet!



Philosophy's Double Rich Hot Cocoa (3-in-1 shampoo, body wash, and bubble bath) / $16.00 (

Pamper yourself with philosophy's double rich hot cocoa shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath—a must have for any chocolate lover.



Demeter's Brownie Fragrance / $5-40.00 (

The quickest chocolate fix now comes in a calorie –free spritz, which smells exactly like a freshly baked batch of brownies.

Amour de Cacao by Comptoir Sud Pacifique / $53.00 (

The manufacturer positions Amour de Cacao as “a delicate and original alternative for vanilla lovers.” With notes of Tahitian vanilla, unsweetened dark chocolate and bitter orange, this fragrance is much more sophisticated than a pure chocolate scent, but is still very sweet. The creators also point out that “Since chocolate is an aphrodisiac, this scent is ideal for sharing."



A recent survey of Chocolate Products by Good Housekeeping Magazine singled out two soaps (and I’ve added two more) as fun and economical picks for anyone who would like to add “a little something sweet” to their cleansing routine.

Fresh Orange Chocolate Petit Soap / $12.00 (

This yummy bar won the Good Housekeeping testers over with its soft texture. "It had the appetizing scent of an orange chocolate truffle and a luxurious lather that left you feeling like you had just had a treat."

Origins Cocoa Therapy Energy-Boosting Body Bar / $10.00 (

Another fun and foamy, ultra-creamy bar reportedly “felt great on the skin”. "A real treat to use," said one Good Housekeeping tester. Plus, the soap had an appetizing scent. The downside? Most of the HG testers were craving chocolate after using it.

Wildhaven's Fudge Swirl Bar / $3.50 

Since Wildhaven wanted a truly "all natural" product, they chose to use only ground cocoa to scent this soap. This is a very nice bar of soap, but the scent is very subtle. However, if you are looking for a nice, all-natural choice that will leave your skin soft, this is a good one to try.

Chocolate Soap for the Soul's Fudgesicle Bar Soap, $4.50 ( Also available in Chocolate Raspberry, this cute little bar is on a stick just like a fudgesicle! The site also has many other chocolate products too.


Body Scrubs


Issimo Relax! Chocolate Exfoliant / $31.00 (

This scrub was another Good Housekeeping winner, earning high marks for its long-lasting, fudgy aroma and smooth texture. Testers raved about how well it exfoliated and moisturized.

***For more scrubs see: More Chocolate Please


Body Moisturizers


Garden Botanika Chocolatté Body Soufflé / $32.00 (

This moisturizer was another top pick for the Good Housekeeping testers. Although the lotion may be pricey, it was reported to have moisturized better than any of the other brands tested. Good Housekeeping Tester, Jen Wysmuller, said this lotion had a delicious chocolate aroma.

Fresh Whipped Cocoa Truffle Body Butter / $12.00 (

This is a chocolate lover's dream. This nourishing butter gets its genuine deep dark chocolate aroma from authentic cacao extracts. It is also infused with Shea Butter and Grapeseed Oil, Vitamin E & C, plus Japanese Green Tea leaf extract as anti-oxidants, and unlike some body butters which leave a greasy finish, this one leaves your skin powdery soft.

Chocolate Soap for the Soul's Chocolate Mousse Lotion, $5 and $7.50 (

Also available in Chocolate Raspberry, this thick lotion has a luxurious, creamy texture–almost like body pudding!


Chocolate Soap for the Soul's Chocolate Mousse Bubble Bath / $5
Fizzy Kisses / $4.25, Milk Chocolate Bath / $4.50 & Bon Bon Truffles / $4.25

Whether you are fizzing, crumbling or pouring, these decadently fragranced chocolate baths are to die for.

ChocoLatté Bath Melt / $3.00 (

Melt in a warm bath with this yummy cube of heaven and let your skin drink in the luxury. It’s milky formula is naturally hydrating with the decadent scent of chocolate and coffee.

Spa Products


Just like their retail rivals, many professional spa products are taking the road to Candyland with chocolate treats like pedicures and body wraps. One local spa product distributor, Omaré USA, recently introduced a Chocolate Dream Body Pack. While its combination of chocolate and seaweed sounds weird, the formula offers clients a mineral rich indulgence that that leaves skin velvety soft, while it gently soothes the senses and nourishes the skin with its anti-oxidative effects. (Contact: for more information).

Another professional brand is Ligne Chocolat, which uses raw cacao to help slow down the natural aging process and fight free radicals. It has the aromatic and exotic scent of chocolate and comes in a variety of forms for professional and for retail (

***More Chocolate Please


If one-stop-shopping is your pleasure, check out these two websites: and Jaqua Beauty has not one, but two, collections of chocolate inspired products that range from $8-$32.00. Cocoa Buttercream Frosting and Mint Chocolate are a feast for the eyes, the nose, and the budget with pretty packaging and reasonable price points. And Chocolate Lotus may just be the motherland for chocoholic beauty junkies with more than two dozen products of the chocolate variety.

Finally, if none of the above sounds like the perfect recipe for you, check out the chocolate beauty products you can make at home at But, with bountiful beauty bargains like these, your time would be better spent baking brownies.


Bon Appetit!