Studio Helps Repent Skin Sins

Studio Helps Repent Skin Sins

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Studio G owner and skin care expert Ginny Fisher says, “You pay now, or you pay later when it comes to having healthy, glowing skin.”


You can either buy products now that keep your skin clean, clear and protected from the sun, or face a future of wrinkles, sun damage or even cancer that can be costly or painful to treat.


“The main purpose with anyone’s skincare regimen is to have healthy skin. That always looks good. When it’s healthy, it functions properly and it responds quickly to good care. It takes longer when you’ve abused it for years, to get it back though,” says Fisher, a licensed esthetician who’s operated Studio G for five years.


Fischer sees problem skin everyday in her Montgomery salon. The key to beautiful skin is keep finding the right products for your particular skin type among the myriad of what’s available. And knowing what isn’t effective is as important as knowing what works for you, she says.


“Now when money is tight in a lot of families, you just can’t put money out for things that don’t work. It’s more important than ever to get someone to help you navigate through what you should use and what you shouldn’t,” Fisher says.


Also, be consistent in caring for you skin, no matter what type of products you use, she says. If you follow product instructions, you should know within two or three weeks if they’re working.0208GIBBERMAN.gif


Studio G carries it own line of skin care products, as well as the Sonya Dakar line. These products are geared toward specific skin issues including aging, acne, discoloration and irritation.


Studio G recently has expanded into a full service skin care salon and offers a skin analysis and treatment program for $30, and a variety of facials, peels and microdermabrasion. Prices for treatments range from $85 to $140. Fischer also offers makeup services, including a $40 application lesson, brow and lash tinting and more.


Studio G is open by appointment only and is located at 9509 Montgomery Road in Montgomery’s downtown Heritage District. To make an appointment or learn more about Studio G’s products and services, call (513) 891-1555.


Photo: Courtesy of Studio G