Beautifying with the Bizarre

Beautifying with the Bizarre

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Some women are willing to go to scary lengths to be beautiful. These bizarre trends in pedicures, facials and hair treatments are enough to give you nightmares.


Most people conjure images from the movie “Jaws” when they consider fish chomping away at them. Yet, more than 5,000 brave souls in the Washington, D.C., area have paid up to $50 for that privilege. The fish pedicure is the latest foot care craze, and it’s intended to be a less painful and more sanitary alternative to sharp razors for removing tough, dead skin. Popular with callus-cursed women, this Asian-inspired treatment consists of a 15 to 30 minute soak in a tub full of water and 100 tiny, toothless garra rufa fish. The so-called “doctor fish” nibble away at your rough parts while102008BEAUTY.jpg you experience a slight tingling sensation. Once adequately feasted upon, you are treated to a typical pedicure.

Not yet available in Cincinnati, Sarah Volz of Avalon Salon and Aesthetic Day Spa can’t imagine the service ever coming here. “I don’t see that passing the state board,” she laughs. In Texas and Washington, fish pedicures have been outlawed over safety concerns. “You can’t sanitize a live fish,” One safety official says. Creepy, but true!


For the ultimate facial that promises to remove pollutants and to even skin tone, the latest Asian import is the geisha facial. Who wouldn’t trust a concoction strong enough to remove the heavy, white make-up worn by Japanese kabuki dancers? Sounds great, until you realize the main ingredient is nightingale poop!


Some spa-goers in New York City spend more than $200 to have bird feces, albeit sterilized, smeared on their faces. While it smells nothing like standard excrement and has the reputation for creating a porcelain-quality complexion, the geisha facial is not for the squeamish.


Hair-challenged women can achieve the ‘do of their dreams by using another nightmarish element. 0208GIBBERMAN.gifThe popular Brazilian Keratin Treatment sounds like a fantasy come true. Brittle hair becomes stronger and curly hair morphs into straight locks when a formula of active keratin is melted onto tresses with a 450-degree iron. Trouble is, a common component in this magic potion is formaldehyde, a known carcinogen with a smell all-too-familiar to anyone who has dissected an animal in biology class.


Locally, Avalon Salon recently added Brazilian hair treatments to their menu, but clients only proceed with the service after a consultation. Volz says their Japanese Thermal Straightening process remains more popular and is a good alternative for those who don’t trust the same chemical that preserves dead bodies so close to their live craniums.


Whether you want to beautify your nails, skin or hair, remember that taking pains with your appearance should never be a terrifying ordeal. Check the ingredients and be brave enough to sacrifice those treatments that could result in a living nightmare of consequences.


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First Photo: Forbes Traveler

Second Photo: Brisbane Times