Beauty Fit for Success

Beauty Fit for Success

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Have you ever walked past someone on the street and know they must be successful by the way that they look? Many of us think that we must make a lot of money to look successful, but that is not necessarily the case.

I had the opportunity to ask two very successful business women, J.J. Campbell and Sindy Rodriguez, their secrets to dressing for success. If anyone would know fashion and beauty, it would be these two women; they are the co-owners of Cloud 9 Salon that will be opening Nov. 27 in Florence, KY.

Beauty that says success requires that you look “put together” at all times when you are working. This includes everything from your hair and makeup to your clothing.

“I try to keep my outfit looking good by wearing crisp or ironed outfits. You don’t have to have expensive clothes if you just keep them ironed,” Rodriguez says.

Rodriguez also likes to accessorize her outfits with jewelry and she never forgets to have her hair and makeup done. If you do this, she says, “everything will go together from head to toe and when you walk in the room, the first impression will be a good one!”

J.J. Campbell gives this advice: “I would dress for success everyday, even if you don’t feel like it in the morning; it is the little things that matter and make us positive.” Sometimes waking up and feeling like a success just isn’t something that seems possible in the morning, but if you make an effort to get up and get yourself ready, it can make all the difference. Your attitude has a lot do with how you feel about yourself. If you take a little “me” time in the morning, not only will you feel good about yourself, but others will feel good about you too.

Rodriguez and Campbell agree that it is not a certain look that makes a person exude success when you see them. You don’t have to have one sport one particular hairstyle or dress a certain way to look like a success.

For hair, Rodriguez says to “just keep it trimmed and keep your color touched up. This helps the look and presence of your hair; if your hair looks good, you feel good!” Taking care of your hair is the most important element in having “good hair days” everyday. Everyone can agree there is no better feeling than having a “good hair day” and no worse feeling than having a “bad” one.

Beauty that says success is not something that is hard to do. It really all boils down to how you feel about yourself. If you love the way you look, and you make an effort to take care of yourself from the inside out, you will feel successful.

Campbell expresses it best when she said: “taking care of yourself and your appearance will bring out so much inner confidence — and with confidence, comes success.”

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