Inside Scoop on All Things Beautiful

Inside Scoop on All Things Beautiful

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Without a doubt, one of the coolest parts of my job, as a spa industry educator, is the opportunity I get each year to attend the International Spa Association (ISPA) conference.

The ISPA trade show floor is a virtual candy store for any beauty industry enthusiast, offering the latest and greatest goodies from the world of skin and body care, spa amenities and even fitness. These incredible products eventually make their way into spas and fitness centers all over the globe.

In fact, some of these treats and treasures may already be on the shelves or on their way to local spas, but I wanted to give our Cincy Chic readers an advance preview of some of the most interesting and innovative products that were featured at this incredible event. Sure, ISPA always has the incredible assortment of beautiful bath products, aromatic candles, plush robes and ultra-performing skin care, but what was interesting is that, when I focused on the newest and most unusual products, I found myself looking at things that tap into what is referred to as the mind/body connection, and by doing so, address the larger issues of well-being.

While the majority of spa products you may be familiar with focus on making our faces and bodies look better, many of the newest offerings have been created to have an impact on how we feel. An example of this trend is suggested in the pitch: “Refresh—Restore—Revitalize with 95 percent enriched oxygen” from the manufacturers of a product called Oxygen+. The company’s canned oxygen is a response to a growing number of resorts that have segments of their programming and treatments dedicated to revving you up instead of lulling you into a light coma. Rather than having fatigued guests swilling caffeinated energy drinks, Oxygen+ delivers a gentle blast of pure oxygen, and for those who like a little aromatherapy with their inhalations, the scents of peppermint and grapefruit (my personal favorite) are also available. Products range from $18 to $48 and are available online and locally at Phyllis at the Madison.

Another feel-good fix comes courtesy of Sprayology. Their innovative line of all natural homeopathic and vitamin oral sprays was launched a few years ago and quickly became a favorite of the health and beauty magazine editors. The Sprayology experts I spoke with point out that their FDA-approved formulas are able to impart their benefits almost instantaneously via sublingual (under your tongue) application. This is a clear advantage for anyone who hates to choke down bulky pills or those who have nutrient absorption issues (such as individuals who have undergone gastric bypass). While Sprayology formulas are pricier than their pill, capsule and liquid counterparts, I have found that the spray concept wins out over my habit of traveling with supplements that end up migrating to the bottom of my carry-on instead of migrating to the lower portion of my digestive tract.

Another interesting product for the body comes from Power Plate. This ultra high tech device, which looks like a cross between a Segway scooter and a medical weight scale, promotes the use of vibration in conjunction with traditional workout methods. The creators offer some compelling science that indicates that exercises done on the Power Plate can substantially exceed the results of simple floor or resistance equipment exercise with respect to muscular tone and strength, reduction of cellulite and increase in bone density. At a price point of $4500 your only chance to try one may be if you can convince your local gym owner to bring one in. Tell him or her that Madonna swears by it.

For a positive state of being, that comes from looking good and feeling good about yourself, check out ZENsei clothing. Their new collections of spa/resort/yoga wear are as affirmative as they are aesthetically pleasing. Created by author and all-around creative guy Daniel Levin (a fellow I am lucky to call a friend of mine), ZENsei puts a special spin on spa wear by printing or stitching affirmative messages on the inside and/or the outside of each piece of clothing. The designs were inspired by the theories presented in the book: The Healing Message of Water by Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto. His studies showed that the molecular structure of water actually changes when exposed to positive words such as: happiness. As someone who has regularly been stopped at the gym by people who want to know where I got my cool ZENsei outfit, I can say that, even if the inner messages don’t bring you joy, the compliments you get on your groovy togs will.