Color Consultations at Skin Perfect

Color Consultations at Skin Perfect

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 Jaclyn Peresetsky, CEO at Skin Perfect, doing a color
consultation for a client

There’s a sleigh full of holiday parties you’re slated to be at this month. If you’re feeling frumpy, there’s one place that can get feeling fabulous for all your upcoming festivities.


Skin Perfect, based in Columbus, offers a variety of services such as Microcurrent, an age management treatment program; custom clinical-grade facials; oxygen facials; detox facials; massage; teeth whitening; permanent makeup; image consulting; personal shopping; and their most unique service, color analysis.


“We are the only facility that offers the color analysis service on this side of the country with the only other facility in California,” explains Jaclyn Peresetsky CEO at Skin Perfect.


Color Consultants are licensed beauty professionals who have a color analysis certification and specialize in the field of color and its effects on the skin or complexion. They are specialized to recommend hair color, nail color, makeup color, and clothing color. “Once we have the unique color identification of our customer, we are able to customize all the makeup colors through blending and in selection of color for our customer,” says Peresetsky. “We also have a unique identification and analysis of the skin in which we customize skincare regimens and treatments. This is a separate service from the color analysis and it is called the skin analysis.”


Then, once the licensed color consultant selects the colors that will look best on you, Skin Perfect also provides a custom skincare and makeup line to create a customized palette based on your skin type and coloring. “Services provided are meant to enhance your skin, body, and color choices while helping you look and feel your best,” says Peresetsky.


Skin Perfect and their unique service offerings is the brain child of Peresetsky. She opened in October of 2007 and is located at 2117 Polaris Parkway in Columbus Ohio with a second location opening in January 1st. “This is such a fun service for any group of women that would like to bond and learn about their unique beauty characteristics,” says Peresetsky. “We all are born with our skin undertone and this is what we identify in the color analysis service.”


Peresetsky says many women choose to get their color consultations with friends. “We can do a party setting where two of you can be done at a time,” she explains. “You can watch each other be analyzed and see what certain colors do to your skin and also see how you may be different.”


You will learn new things about your unique beauty and also receive a makeup application in your new palette. “It’s a great time to go out to dinner afterwards and have pictures taken. The next day, you may want to go shopping in Columbus with your new color swatches that you receive after the analysis,” says Peresetsky. “Trust me, after receiving this vital information, you’ll want to start buying the right colors for your wardrobe so you will feel and look your best!”


Packages start at $125 per person and color consultations are around $200. Call and schedule your appointment at 614-846-8420 and learn more at