Have a Spa-tacular New Years!

Have a Spa-tacular New Years!

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New Year’s signals the end of a holiday season that exhausts most of us. Shopping up a storm, feasting with friends and family, decking those halls — wow! I’m getting tired just thinking about it. So although we’re supposedly cheering in 2009, I suspect many of us are also applauding the fact that our lives will soon return to a more normal pace.


I can’t think of a more perfect time for spa decompression. Is that laughter I hear? Did you just drop that mouse? Yes, you really can find ways to not only get your spa on but also make the final celebration of the year easier and more fun!


For us gals, New Year’s celebrations encompass way more than a soiree. Ringing in the New Year means strategic planning and glamming. So from my spa perspective, here are some ideas on how to fit spa time into one (or more!) phases of your New Year’s.


The Pre-Party Primp

One thing I love about the holidays is getting frou-froued up in fab gowns. But when it comes to the hair and makeup, I can never get it quite right and often end up looking raccoon-ish. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve panicked at the last minute with an eyeliner emergency or frizz attack. Stress, come on down! My remedy? Get to the spa fast!


My mega vanity issues aside, think of all the hubbub you can avoid by letting the pros do what they do best. And in the Queen City we’ve got some fantastic fairy godmothers who can get you glam in no time. For extra fun, why not book with your favorite friends and have a pre-party cocktail?


For instance, at the Avalon Salon and Day Spa in Hyde Park go for:


  • Special Occasion Makeup (30 mins.)
  • A Blow Dry & Style with a roller or spiral set
  • Try Eyelash Extensions for extra pow


Work downtown? Paragon Salon’s “Night on the Town” package includes:


  • Spa manicure & pedicure conditioning treatment
  • Design Cut and Finish
  • Makeup


Kelly Hyde of Paragon recommends coming in at least four hours before the party so that you have time to prepare and not be rushed.


Spa Insider Tip: Take your clothes and accessories and change before they style your hair and do your nails. This keeps your hair and makeup intact and lets the stylist be sure their vision matches yours! Go from the salon to your party — or better yet, have your Prince Charming pick you up or rent a limo.


Auld Lang “Spa” Zyne

Is it your turn to host the New Year’s Eve party? Whether you’ve got a crowd coming over or watching the ball drop with your family and a few close friends, how about weaving a few spa treatments into the evening?


Tanya Tieman, of Tanya’s Image and Wellness Salon in Hyde Park, suggests speaking with your local spa about ways to integrate seamlessly spa experiences into your party plan and budget. For instance, you can buy treatments per guest or employ the therapists by the hour.


Tanya, who does spa parties often, recommends massage, reflexology, mini manicures and/or makeup as ideal treatments for a large group. Expect to pay a premium for staff that is hired on a holiday like New Year’s. Don’t forget to whip up non-alcoholic smoothies for those designated drivers.


The New Year’s Spa Escape

If you have a small enough group, why not consider a New Year’s spa road trip? Belterra Resort and Spa, just a short drive away in Indiana, is perfect.


Spa insider tip: Reserve one of the Jacuzzi suites in the main tower and book your spa treatments at least a week before you arrive.


First, get pretty in their spa, (I’d go for the Quick Pick Me Up Facial, Hair Blowout & Make Up 0708DEGROOT_FASHION.gifApplication). Then indulge in dinner at Jeff Ruby’s, followed by their special New Year’s Eve Motown concert featuring The Temptations and The Four Tops.


Disco in 2009 (and maybe even throw a quarter in a slot machine for luck!) and sleep off all that partying. Kim Yates, the spa manager, suggests giving that champagne hangover the heave-ho with an aromatherapy bath (their tub has 72 jets) and Swedish massage.


Have a leisurely New Year’s Day brunch before heading blissfully home.


Happy 2009 and I’ll see you at the spa,

Candy (the Cincy Spa Chick)


Photo: Neysa Ruhl Photography

Location: The McAlpin

Models (left to right): Tonia Murphy and Tamara Walker of New View Management Group, Inc.
Makeup Artistry: Trina Paul

Hair Styling: Liz Carter of Rustic Pear Hair Designs