Look Great for ’08

Look Great for ’08

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Here it is, the last celebration of 2007 and the first party of 2008. Whether you’re at a small gathering with friends or a black-tie affair, Cincy Chic has the tips you need to put your best face forward. Jackie Steelman, a Christian Dior makeup artist at Dillards in Crestview Hills, Ky., shared some of her tried and true tips for creating the perfect night out look.

Hello Hydration!

Always start with well-moisturized skin. Steelman explained that by putting a moisturizer on first, it creates a barrier between you and your makeup and helps prevent breakouts — not to mention keep your skin younger and healthier looking. A basic moisturizer, like Dior's Hydraction, works with all skin types. But if you have extremely dry skin, Steelman suggested putting a serum on before your moisturizer.

Prime Time

Another handy product is a facial primer. This goes on after your moisturizer and helps hide oil and enhance your makeup. This is a little harder to find, but Smashbox offers color correcting versions in addition to a colorless primer. Apricot warms skin and hides discolorations, lavender brightens skin and green reduces redness. Although the closest store to offer Smashbox products is located in Columbus, they can be found at www.smashbox.com.

Keep it Real

Cakey makeup never looks chic. Steelman suggests using Dior's Airflash foundation. This lightweight foundation sprays on, leaving a flawless airbrushed look. If your skin requires more coverage, you can use a liquid foundation under the Airflash. Just remember the key to layering is adding only a little at a time.

Brighten Dark Circles

To keep your morning after look from appearing the night before, Steelman uses a lightweight concealer under and in the corner of the eyes. It helps hide dark spots and brighten up shadows.

Maximize Those Eyes!

The golden rule of makeup is not to emphasize your eyes and lips, but rules were meant to be broken. Steelman starts this hybrid look by putting eyeliner under shadow. It helps the look last longer and enhances the "smoky" effect. After liner, use a neutral creme shadow as a foundation for the rest of your eye makeup. The trick is keeping the eye subdued, so use a light grey instead of a darker grey or black shadow. Finish eyes by covering with a light shimmer shadow to add some holiday sparkle.

Uptown, Downtown, Crosstown for Luxurious Lashes

After moving the brush "uptown" from root to tip on the underside of your top lashes, take it "downtown" by brushing down the top of your lashes. Twisting the brush as you go up and down adds some curl and makes lashes look longer. For the bottom, go "crosstown" by holding the brush vertically and moving it horizontally across the lashes.

Add some Cheer to Your Cheeks

To get a holiday whoobiewhattie, start by using a creme highlighter on top of the cheekbones to add some shimmer. Follow with a creme blush on the apples of your cheeks for a rosy glow.

Layer It on for Luscious Lips

For all night lip color, Steelman starts by covering the lip with a bright color like fuchsia or red. This acts as a base for the rest of your lip color and makes whatever you put on top brighter. Use a neutral lipliner to accentuate or exaggerate your lip line, then put on the color of your choice. Complete the look with some sheer shimmer gloss.

Finish Fresh

The only thing left to do is add some shimmer powder to your cheekbones and shoulders and spray on your favorite fragrance!

Stay Strong all Night Long

After you use all these tips, you’ll want to make sure your makeup stays looking fabulous all night long. Dior has a hydrating spray that you can mist on your face when you feel like you need a pick-me-up. Also, if your skin starts to get shiny, don’t try to cover the oil with powder. Instead, remove it with an oil-blotting sheet.

Photo: Cassie Stone