A Beautiful Place to Be Pampered

A Beautiful Place to Be Pampered

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About five and a half hours outside of Cincinnati city limits, beauty and relaxation await patrons of The Greenbrier, a resort in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. The property itself is more than 200 years old, but the resort today features plenty of modern amenities, such as a casino, four golf courses and spa facilities, according to the resort’s website.


Customers looking to pamper themselves can indulge in a number of different treatments, says Lynn Swann, director of public relations for the resort. "The Greenbrier treatment, one of our signature treatments, is also one of our most popular," Swann says. This service starts with a sulphur soak. Patrons then receive a steam or sauna, followed by a Swiss Shower and Scotch Spray, topped off with a full body massage. Other popular spa services include Kate’s Mountain Kur and the Pinnacle Facial.



Many of the spa’s treatments utilize "native sulphur water spa treatments with state-of-the-art therapeutic experiences" to create a unique spa experience for each of its guests, according to The Greenbrier’s website. For a list of the spa’s treatments and packages, click here.


Beyond the resort’s beauty packages for its patrons, its surroundings and buildings are aesthetically resplendent, Swann says. The Draper décor distinguishes The Greenbrier from other resorts, and Swann’s favorite room is the Trellis Lobby. "With its light green walls, white trellis work and purple and green floral carpet, the room is very cheerful," Swann says. "Plus, the natural light coming through the windows on either side adds to the welcoming feel of the room. There are several groupings of chairs and sofas perfect for casual conversations or reading a book."


Lee Krombholz of Cincinnati says he was gripped by the resort’s striking interior design upon his first visit to The Greenbrier. "I’m a jewelry designer, and most of what I do involves color, so from the moment I walked in [The Greenbrier], it was a sensory overload," Krombholz says. "The colors are so beautiful."


Swann says the décor and architecture are just some of the comments she’s received from patrons about their favorite parts of the resort. "Guests’ responses vary – some love the historic aspects and traditions, others love our golf facilities, and others the variety of activities," Swann says.


What really struck Krombholz and his wife, however, was the service they experienced, he says. Perhaps the most beautiful part of his stay was the helpful and friendly staff.


"We had one of those experiences, where from the moment you got there until the moment you left, you never were wanting for anything," Krombholz says. "The service was so greatly done, and all the staff members had such seemingly authentic smiles on their faces. … It’s really amazing what incredible things we have that are within one tank of gas."