A Family (Salon) Affair

A Family (Salon) Affair

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Starting a business is scary, but it’s easier to takes the plunge with someone you trust more than anyone else in the world: a family member.


Valenti Salon & Spa is co-owned by sister, Anna Fischer-Capozzolo and brother, Vince Fischer. They started their careers at a hair care manufacturer; Capozzolo in the marketing department and Fischer in research and development.


The concept for Valenti was developed after talking with stylists and consumers who repeatedly stated they craved an environment of professionalism where they could go for advice and education on their hair, nails and body.


According to Capozzolo, their business was founded on the concept that women think their current salon/spa services and experiences are average (at best) and they are not receiving advice in these areas from their current salon/spa. “Women want a salon/spa that is professional with a highly educated staff and progressive with the times,” Capozzolo adds. “Along with recommendations for ongoing home maintenance.”


Valenti Salon & Spa opened its first location in Anderson Township in May 14, 1998 with just one stylist and one nail technician. The business began to grow rapidly over the next four years and the salon expanded in 2002 by taking over an additional space in its current location to be double its size at 4,000 square feet. “By 2004, we opened a second location in Mariemont on Wooster Pike,” says Capozzolo. “This move allowed Valenti to cater to another market, yet close enough to help service the overflow of clients.”


In July of 2014, the Anderson location will be relocating to a larger space. “The new building offers us almost 4,700 square feet, with plenty of convenient parking that is located just a little over 1.5 miles down the road,” says Capozzolo. Valenti’s new home will be in Anderson Crossings at the corner of Beechmont and Eight Mile.


Along with a brand new space and renovations, Valenti will now partner more closely with Aveda and will become an Aveda Lifestyle Salon. “This new partnership will give customers a complete Aveda Lifestyle Store at the new Valenti location,” says Capozzolo.


What’s next on the horizon? Reaching a younger demographic with a new concept store, Capozzolo says. “This is a place the younger generation will enjoy and anticipate as it is filled with experiences their generation relates to,” Capozzolo adds. “A salon filled with young, talented and emerging hair designers that love what they do and are continually training to hone their skills and embrace their innate creativity.”


This new concept store will be located in the current Valenti Salon & Spa location at 7159 Beechmont Ave. The grand opening will be in the Fall of 2014 as renovations will begin after Valenti moves to its new location at Anderson Crossings.


“We’ve recently introduced a new line of easy to use, temporary, professional hair extensions called Halo Couture Extensions,” explains Capozzolo. “The extensions are made of real hair so they can be curled or straightened to blend with whatever style you choose. No weaving, no clips, no glue it uses a revolutionary miracle wire that will not damage your hair. With over 50 colors available and four different lengths, this is the solution to any hair challenge.”


Halo Extensions are exclusively sold in salons and include a consultation. Visit halocouture.com for a demo.


For more information about Valenti Salon & Spa, visit www.valentisalon.com.