A Made Up Destiny

A Made Up Destiny

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090511BEAUTY.jpgSome people are always the last to know, even when it’s blatantly right in front of their faces. That’s what one local woman found out when she attended her twentieth high school reunion last year. Apparently, by the time Chenese Bean was 17 years old, everyone knew she would be a makeup artist. But it wasn’t until several years after high school that Bean really began to realize her dream job.


"In 1996 was when I realized the importance of it," says Bean. "I researched all areas in the importance of a makeup artist, and I was astonished by my findings. I even debunked my own myth of [thinking], ‘Oh, it’s just slapping makeup on people.’ Wrong!"


It was a year later that Bean really decided to take the leap and started moonlighting as a makeup artist while she kept her full-time job as an accountant. For years, Bean worked as a freelance makeup artist, and although it was only part-time, she still managed to learn the ropes under the wing of a few celebrity makeup artists and also receive help from her mentor, Alphonzo Wesson, who’s not a makeup artist, she says.


Starting out, Bean wouldn’t even allow herself to dream of doing makeup for celebrities, red carpet events or even winning an Emmy, she says. (By the way, these are all things she accomplished.) But it was many lucky paths and encouraging people that lead her in the right direction towards success, she says.MitchellsInstoryGIF.gif


"My goal was to merely do what I loved and all things fashion related," says Bean. "It took a few other people in my life to point it out to me as to how good I’d become professionally. Then once I realized it within myself, I was able to tear down my own fear of rejection – that’s when things changed amazingly, seemingly overnight."


In 2008 Bean quit her accounting job to focus 100 percent on her career as a makeup artist. She still does work for red carpet events and celebrities, but you can also book her for a private two-hour makeup lesson or hire her to doll you up for your wedding day needs.


Aside from the great benefits to maximizing the outer beauty of her clients, Bean says she is able to help people gain confidence in themselves, enhancing inner beauty as well.


"I see my makeup artistry as a tool to bless and enable women and men to feel good about themselves, and that’s what matters most," Bean says. "I’m the tool in allowing a person to step out of the box because I may use a product they’ve always wanted to try, use a technique of which they’ve never heard or just give them that ‘wow’ factor in the mirror, which leaves them to say aloud, ‘That’s me?’’"


Beyond that, Bean says she is easy to work with because of the attitude she has maintained through her success. "Outside of my accomplishments and honors, I’m humble, and I think that’s what people gravitate to the most," she says.