A Makeup Artist to the Stars in Queen City

A Makeup Artist to the Stars in Queen City

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082911BEAUTY.jpgMakeup is something that many women put on everyday and think nothing more of it, and then there are women who have an incredible passion for makeup. These women usually have cases of makeup, can be found dolling friends up and walking around leaving others envious of their skills with a makeup brush.


Some of these women think of applying makeup as more of a hobby and not something they could ever make into an actual job. Then there’s Rachel Lisa. Lisa is homegrown in Cincinnati, and she not only decided she was going to turn makeup into a full-time job, but she decided if she’s going to do it then she’s going to do it big, she says.


“I knew that if I wanted to work and learn with the best, it would either be Los Angeles or New York City. I have a tendency to take things to extremes,” says Lisa. So, she packed her bags and headed to Los Angeles.


When in Los Angeles, Lisa worked for cosmetic companies like M.A.C. before officially taking the plunge into being formally trained and licensed. She studied beauty and FX (special effects makeup) at the Make-up Designory in Los Angeles, but she really credits most of what she learned from dolling up thousands of faces through her work with M.A.C.


From there she moved on to the big leagues she had set out for by working on high-end events, fashion shows and the faces of celebrities, like Katy Perry, Lara Flynn Boyle, Eric McCormack and Val Kilmer, just to name a few.


“I always liked doing this event in Los Angeles called The Pink Party, which was a charity fashion show for breast cancer research,” says Lisa. “It is usually hosted by an A-list celebrity with amazing fashion designers, like Stella McCartney for Chloe. But I have also worked for parties at the Playboy mansion, doing body painting for the girls. That place is just surreal.”


Although all the sparkling glitz and glamour of Hollywood is intriguing, it is the real moments that define why Lisa has one of the coolest jobs and truly loves what she does, she says.


“I love when I get to transform a woman into this gorgeous creature and totally change the way she feels about herself,” says Lisa. “I have gotten to work with some women who had lost their hair and eyebrows from chemo and to see them look at themselves when I’m finished is the greatest reward you can ever have as an artist. We usually both end up crying and smearing everything, and then I have to go back and fix it, but it is so worth it!”


With several years under her belt, Lisa conquered Los Angeles and felt like she had accomplished everything she wanted out of LA. She moved out West to prove to herself that she could make her dream come true of doing it big and becoming a real makeup artist, she says. In March of this year, Lisa packed up her makeup brushes and headed back to the Queen City to be closer to family.


Moving back to Cincinnati doesn’t mean she has any trouble keeping her dance card filled. She does freelance makeup work through her own business, Angel City Makeup, as well as working with Nancy Dawson through BRIDEface. “I am so busy I can barely see straight, and I am so thankful for that,” says Lisa. “I had no idea that I would be as busy as I am here, and I’m loving it! I also love working with Nancy and as many amazing brides as I can squeeze in!”


Lisa was just recently booked to work on the new Val Kilmer movie that is set to film in Cincinnati later this year. Email Lisa at rachellisamua@gmail.com for anything from a night out to fashion shows and films. “I am available 24/7,” Lisa says. “Ah, that’s the life of a freelancer.”