A Salon’s New Chapter

A Salon’s New Chapter

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080111BEAUTY.jpgThe Soapbox Salon is the reincarnation of Hype, a salon that owner Chris Crowley opened originally six years ago. In moving back to the original location, Crowley says he thought a name change was in order. In determining what to name his new salon’s old digs, he did a bit of research on the area. "There are some developers who have been trying to develop the area as the Soapbox District," Crowley says. "Historically, people have actually went there to talk about things important to them, which gave it its name. I thought it would be cool to call it the Soapbox Salon, to fit with that area."


But it isn’t only the salon’s name that makes it distinctive: The experience of the stylists working there outshines a lot of the competition, he says. "The youngest person I have working there still has ten years of experience, so everyone knows what he or she is doing, and everyone specializes in his or her own thing," Crowley says. For him personally, that specialty is razor-cutting and coloring.


Crowley calls the Soapbox Salon a traditional facility, offering mainly cuts and color with a few other services. "We do basic waxing, like eyebrows, lips and facial, but no body waxing. We don’t do massages or anything," he says.


Although the facility provides mostly standard salon services, the architecture of the building is anything but run-of-the-mill, Crowley says. "We’re also unique in the cool look of the salon itself; we have 15-foot ceilings and brick walls – it’s in a modern contemporary look," he says.


Outside salon walls, Crowley says he has an attachment to the surrounding area. With 20 years of cosmetology experience behind him, he is excited to continue his work in his own salon in the Soapbox District. "I used to work at a salon in Clifton, and when I left there, I decided to get my own salon and get other chairs that others could rent out. I also used to live in the apartment above the salon, so I know the area – it’s nice, quiet and residential," he says.