A Stylish New Generation

A Stylish New Generation

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Brookelyn Perry is a third-generation hair stylist and specializes in keratin hair treatments

You might say that being a hair stylist is in Brookelyn Perry’s blood. Based at the Montgomery Hair Boutique, Perry is a third-generation stylist and specializes in keratin hair treatments.


Perry counts her grandmother and her aunt – both hair stylists – as two of her biggest inspirations. “My aunt was my godmother and a huge role model for me,” she explains. “I always thought I’d work for her [and] then one day open a business of my own.” Perry’s aunt owned a salon for more than 25 years before she passed away in 2006 from brain cancer. Perry’s grandmother, who recently retired at 77, and Perry’s cousin both worked in her aunt’s salon.


From a young age, Perry had her heart set on becoming a hair stylist. “There were two things I always wanted to be growing up: a teacher and a hair stylist,” says Perry. “I loved the funky outfits and hair styles my grandma and aunt were rocking.”


Although she initially wanted to go to school to learn hair styling right after high school, Perry’s desire to have a traditional college experience won out. She attended Wright State University with the intention of getting a degree in education, but knew after a year and a half that she still wanted to be a hair stylist. Perry graduated from Wright State with a degree in organization leadership and then went on to hair school.


Soon after becoming a fully certified hair stylist, Perry began training to perform keratin hair treatments and is now a certified keratin expert. “It was a way for me to start building clientele faster,” says Perry. “Before I knew it, I was doing multiple keratins a day.”


A keratin treatment utilizes the protein keratin (a protein naturally found in hair) as part of a smoothing serum to straighten and tame frizzy or curly hair. The effect lasts for a few months and makes unruly hair easier to style.


In addition to keratin treatments, Perry began offering more full-service offerings such as haircuts and coloring when she moved her business to the Montgomery Hair Boutique in May 2013. “I love it … the salon is beautiful and peaceful,” says Perry. “There are only three of us that work there and I can be much more flexible with appointments for my clients.”


For new clients, Perry offers 20% off on any service. Additionally, Perry has a referral discount: for every person a client refers, the client will get 20% off their next service. To learn more, visit www.brookelynperry.com.