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Active Paws is a full-service mobile grooming unit, serving Greater Cincinnati


Just like we love a day at the spa and salon, our pets do too. But it’s not always easy to haul your four-legged friend to and from the groomer on a regular basis. That’s where Active Paws can help.

In 2002, A.J. Fender launched Active Paws, a full size mobile grooming unit. His goal for his business is to create a friendly, efficient, as well as a convenient way to service your pets grooming needs in a top of the line facility. “The concept was inspired by my idea followed by interactions with several dog owners and pet businesses,” says Fender.

Essentially a full size grooming shop on wheels, Active Paws is equipped with their own electricity and water. “Unique of other commercial mobile facilities typically made to recirculate their water, our facility was custom made not to. I wanted the facility to be as good, if not better, than a standard grooming shop.”


Fender believes that grooming can be a positive experience. No owner enjoys seeing their backseat covered in pet dander and muddy paw prints, or having to pick up a groomed, yet stressed out, pooch. And for the dogs, well, Active Paws provides a much less stressful environment with one-on-one attention. “Each dog is attended to from start to finish, with no cage time and no other groups of dogs to stress him or her out. Many customers report pet shops keeping their dogs for around 6 hours. We have most dogs done within 1-1/2 hours, and that’s without rushing,” explains Fender.

In addition to a wide variety of services, Active Paws offers a full line of all-natural premium shampoos for their furry clients, and their facility is equipped with two grooming stations for larger jobs. Price points may vary depending on condition of the dog, how often it is groomed, the age and breed, and how the owner chooses to have them groomed. Each quote is custom to the pet.

Active Paws services both Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. They also offer grooming services that can take place at homes and businesses. Days of operation are Monday through Friday.

“We have evolved and upgraded over the years and will expand in the near future, but only when our quality of service and values can be upheld on a larger scale,” says Fender.

Active Paws has done several recent events to give people a chance to view their new unit. In October, Active Paws will be at Blue Ash’s new Summit Park on Oct. 4 from 11am to 2pm; Kings Island’s Dog Days every Sunday in October from 12 to 6pm; and YWCA’s Bark Out Against Battering in Washington Park on Oct. 25 from 10am to 2pm.

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