Adding a Little Hollywood to Your Health

Adding a Little Hollywood to Your Health

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Skip the movie theater candy and greasy popcorn, and opt for a much healthier movie option instead. You can do just that, as the West Chester-based UC Health Women’s Center just launched a new “Movie Nights” series.


“The movie nights are really geared to ‘Making Your Health a Priority,'” says Terri Ann Fredette, the Manager, Public Relations & Marketing representative of UC Health Women’s Center. “Try something new, enlist support, lean on us. Feeding the beauty of your soul.”


At these events, they’ll be providing more information about their various women’s services, specialty areas such as integrative medicine, and their unique programs such as metabolic health and weight management. Fredette says their skincare and plastic surgery are some of the center’s most popular specialty areas. “Here, our guests can improve the health of their skin as well as their overall well being,” explains Fredette. “That’s one of the purposes of the movie night.”


The first movie night of 2014 will feature “Miss Representation” and will take place on Jan. 30 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at 7675 Wellness Way, 4th Floor West Chester, Ohio 45069. “This award-winning documentary demonstrates how women are portrayed in the media,” says Fredette. “The stories of teenage girls, journalists, entertainers and academics bring up many issues for girls and adult women from self-esteem to body image, the potential to attain leadership positions and the ability to be fairly represented in our government.”


The UC Health Women’s Center’s website offers a complete list of all upcoming Movie Nights, which include screenings of “The Story of Mothers and Daughters,” “Hot Flash Havoc,” and “Kind Campaign.”


The Movie Nights series is just one of many event offerings at the UC Health Women’s Centers. For example, there will be many lectures held there this year. The next one will take place on Feb. 27 and is titled “Take Care of Your ‘Ticker.'” It will discuss prevention for Heart Disease and Stroke Umara Raza, MD. Also “The Power of Food: The Importance of Healthy Meal Planning” will be discussed on the same day.


Also, they have Integrative Medicine Classes that offer a number of different classes including yoga, pilates, massage, and various support groups. There’s also an ongoing art exhibit, where art is displayed at the center. The first art exhibit in November 2013, called “Hear Me Roar,” featured a collection of local artists whose work embraces women’s health, women’s empowerment, and the visual stimulation of art therapy.


All of the events are free and open to the public. You can make reservations by calling (513) 475-UC4U or you can visit their website for online registration.