Advanced Clinical Skincare by Anya

Advanced Clinical Skincare by Anya

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Advanced Clinical Skincare by Anya was launched by Anya Heck.

While most think skincare is what you put on your body, one local expert says skincare actually starts with what you put in your body.


Anya Heck, founder of Advanced Clinical Skincare by Anya, specializes in treatments that help manage skin from acne to aging. Prior to striking out on her own, she was a medical esthetician at a Cincinnati-based spa. “Owning my own business didn’t come to mind at first although clients suggested it,” she recalls. “One day, I decided to try it!”


In November 2011, Heck grew out of her temporary rental space and found a new, larger office in Montgomery. She connected with a contractor for a custom build-out that enabled the business to open in January 2012. “I have always had a passion for skincare, it’s what drives me,” explains Heck. “I love the constant challenges of changing skin. Whether it’s the aging type, hormonal or acne prone, I’m up for the challenge.”


With any skincare challenge, Heck says the first step is to look at what you’re putting in – not on – your body. For example, she says, green tea has many health benefits due to its high content of flavonoids and plant compounds that include healthy antioxidants. Also, if you wake up to persistently puffy eyes, it could be a sign of dehydration or fluid retention. “A diet high in salt can be a major cause of this,” she says. “One tip to reduce the appearance of puffy eyes is to up your intake of fresh clean drinking water. Drink up for that radiant youthful glow.”


Heck strives to know and understand the physiology and anatomy of skin. “As a professional it’s important to research new products and treatments to satisfy the customer’s curiosity,” says Heck. “I love making others look, feel and see things getting better.”


Heck says her dermaplaning service is a new client favorite, and is quickly becoming what she’s known for. According to Heck, Dermaplane is a safe, non-invasive treatment which uses a special tool at a forty-five degree angle and stroked along the skin, while holding the skin taut to remove fine hairs, as well as dead skin cells. “My products and services are unique because I only perform and sell what truly works,” she explains. “I don’t believe in wasting client’s time or money and all my clients will tell you that. I do have the pleasure of working with a plastic surgeon that performs injectables in my office, so what I can’t fix, he can.”


On your visit, you can also meet the rest of Heck’s team. Master Waxer Whitney who’s handy with hard wax, which can be much more comfortable than strip wax. Lindsay the RC Power Technician performs skin tightening and fat reduction treatments. She also performs diamond tip microdermabrasion for congested skin types. Caroline specializes in brow shaping and facials. “She gives amazing facials and performs extractions with ease and comfort,” Heck says. “One of the hottest new things they also specialize in is infused microdermabrasion. It hydrates, exfoliates and rapidly delivers vitamins and oxygen into the skin.”


Heck has seven skincare savvy tips to share as well:
1. Wash your face every night.
2. Where a SPF 30 that’s preferably chemical free.
3. Don’t pick your face because germs spread and so does acne.
4. Get dermaplaned once a month if you can.
5. See a dermatologist once a year.
6. Invest in a good pair of sunglasses because eyes age the fastest!
7. Carry a good hand cream. My favorite is la Roche Posay’s hand cream.


“Lastly, we are our worst critic,” says Heck. “The best things a woman can do for herself is worry less, pray more and love yourself. I promise you’ll exude beauty.”


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