AfterGlow Studio Leaves You Glowing

AfterGlow Studio Leaves You Glowing

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AfterGlow Studio in Oakley specializes in body waxing and spray tanning

A new local business will help you get a glow and wax that will make others pale in comparison. AfterGlow Studio in Oakley specializes exclusively in body waxing and spray tanning.


Kristi Backer is the owner of and aesthetician at AfterGlow Studio. Backer spent 10 years in the spray tan and waxing industry working at various studios. Her passion for these services led her to open AfterGlow Studio, which she launched on June 6, 2013. “I want people to know that they can get a high quality spray tan as well as a good body wax at AfterGlow Studio,” says Backer, adding that she prides herself on making customers feel comfortable and at ease.


AfterGlow Studio stands apart from other establishments that offer spray tanning and body waxing in the Cincinnati area, Backer says, because they specifically specialize in waxing and spray tanning. “It’s very appealing for the customer to come to a place that exclusively does these services,” says Backer. “Especially Brazilian waxing, and things of that nature, people can be nervous. Customers want to go to someone who they know is an expert and not an all-arounder.”


Currently, Backer is the only practitioner at AfterGlow Studio, which allows her to ensure that her customers receive the best quality service. She hopes to expand in the future and add more employees, but for right now, Backer wants to be able to focus on her own work.


“My goal is to provide the best of the best. Quality versus quantity,” says Backer. She adds that she plans to be selective with future employees in order to make sure that they meet her standards.


Backer’s ultimate hope for AfterGlow Studio is for it to eventually be known as the best spray tan and waxing studio in Cincinnati. Making it easy to book an appointment, Backer offers online booking, which can be accessed through their website.


AfterGlow Studio is located at 4407 B Brazee Street. Learn more at