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(left to right) Cincy Chic Publisher Amy Scalia with LaTosha Ward, owner of All N 1 Studio,
at the recent Holiday Glam fashion show at which Ward was recognized
as a 2013 Woman of the Year.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. For LaTosha Ward, it’s worth even more, especially now that she turned her passion for prettification and photography into a profession. She founded All N 1 Studio in 2011 as an “all in one” studio offering photography, fashion and makeup artistry services. Today, it’s a full-service studio with a team of experts working with clients across the Tri-State.


Ward began this journey because she wanted to offer a photography service that was creative and affordable. She also wanted to be an inspiration to other young women aspiring to be an entrepreneur and wanted to offer assistance to them as well. Ward’s children also served as a huge inspiration for starting her business. She says it offers her the flexibility she needs while also setting an example of work/life balance and pursuing a passion.


“Owning a business and being a mother of three young boys is not an easy job at all. In my life, things go in this order: Jesus, family, and then business,” says Ward. “I found that I have to create a schedule for myself so I can have time for my family as well as my business.”


Ward’s team at All N 1 Studio has more than a decade of combined experience and they are focused on providing high-quality photography, fashion and makeup services at affordable prices. Packages are available for weddings, portfolios, and families.


It’s also important to Ward to give back to the community. That’s why All N 1 Studio also offers their services gratis to non-profit organizations. “I love charity work because it gives you a since of peace and worth,” says Ward. “There are so many organizations that provide wonderful services to the Cincinnati area and it inspires me.”


Typically, All N 1 Studio provides complimentary photography services of non-profit events throughout the community upon request, but other services can be arranged as well. “Capturing those special moments are so precious not only to the ones that the charity is sponsoring but also the organization,” says Ward.


Vernita Phillips, a friend of Ward’s, nominated her to be featured as one of Cincy Chic’s 2013 Women of the Year, saying, “LaTosha has a dedication to her work, commitment to local charities, and she turns it into art. LaTosha has a mind of creativity and a heart of gold that’s why I believe she should be a part of your Women of the Year issue.”


Looking ahead into the new year, Ward says her goal is to produce a fashion show featuring a variety of cultures. She is also working to develop a mentor group for young ladies and men. “My goal is to continue to provide beautiful portraits and capturing wonderful memories for our clients,” explains Ward. “Photography is a deep passion that I have always had and I believe in creating a story with my portraits.”


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