All Strength, No Sweat

All Strength, No Sweat

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P&G launched a new campaign called “All Strength, No Sweat” for Secret, featuring several local women. Read on for all the details.

Secret launched a new campaign featuring local women and is encouraging others to share their stories of strength. Image: Outside Magazine

When it comes to its deodorant, Secret is all about transparency. From its invisible solids to the barrier-breaking stories it shares of women across the country, P&G is starting a new campaign called “All Strength, No Sweat.”

According to Secret Associate Brand Director Sara Saunders, “The ‘Women’s World’ ad, which is a part of this campaign, highlights the stories of real women who are challenging the status quo. Secret is also calling on all women nationwide to share their best ‘All Strength, No Sweat’ stories via instagram for a chance to be featured on Secret’s social channels.”

Seven Cincinnati locals – including a chef, musician, brewer, dance instructor and more – were featured in the campaign. According to Saunders, these seven local women not only embody the campaign’s message of chasing their dreams, but are also diverse in their strength.

“We were so inspired by their stories and are excited to continue highlighting barrier-breaking women across the country, in Cincinnati and beyond,” says Saunders.

Just as Secret aims to do in its other campaigns, the “All Strength, No Sweat” campaign wants to inspire all women to stand up and take pride in their strength.

“This campaign will continue to highlight women who are bold and take on high-stress moments without resistance,” says Saunders. “This can be seen through our latest partnership with the US Women’s National Soccer Team where we highlight the ‘All Strength, No Sweat’ moments the players exhibit both on and off the field.”

The campaign itself launched on February 13 and the nationwide casting call is open until June 30, so there is still time for fans to get involved.

You can learn more about joining Secret’s #AllStrengthNoSweat story-sharing movement by viewing the official contest guidelines here.

View the full details on the campaign here and follow on social at #AllStrengthNoSweat.