Article Menswear Apothecary

Article Menswear Apothecary

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Article Menswear began as a lifestyle blog and evolved into a brick-and-mortar store in Over the Rhine.


Owner, Anthony Graziani, originally posted about local brands, people, and events. After gaining a positive response from readers, Graziani was inspired to open a storefront in September 2013.


“When our owner, Anthony, began to piece Article together – he wanted to set us apart by selling a lifestyle. He found that there was a hole within men’s fashion in Cincinnati and he went for it,” says Cale Darrell, Manager of Sales and Marketing at Article.


The niche that Graziani found, he filled with handmade ties, leather wallets and bags, aromatic soaps and colognes, and a wide variety of apparel – many of which are made locally or in America.


“The most important thing for us at Article is to stock genuine merchandise that is going to last – not only in durability but in style, too. We strive to find brands that are going to cater to the modern man with traditional values,” says Darrell. “With that in mind, we curate our buys around what we think most men feel they need.”


One of the most popular brands that Article carries is Noble Denim – a Cincinnati based jeans and denim apparel company, which originated as a one-man operation with the goals to learn and perfect the art of making jeans.


Also popular at Article are their 1965 Cubans Hats made by Ebbets Field. In the 1950s, Cincinnati helped Cuba establish their baseball league, so Article had Ebbets Field recreate that hat for them. According to Darrell, these hats are made in the US and crafted from genuine wool fabrics.


“At Article – we carry both style and durability but we also stock merchandise with a story. That’s important to us,” says Darrell.


They don’t just sell menswear, either. They also sell a wide selection of grooming products. There, you can find just about anything apothecary, from soaps and scrubs, brushes and razors, to after shave and cologne, combs and pomade. Carrying brands such as Professor, Baxter, and Juniper Ridge, Darrell says their grooming products are also hand-selected, American made, quality products you’d be pressed to find elsewhere.


Article not only emphasizes selling high-quality products, but selling the experience of their store as well. Article offers a space to their shoppers that makes them feel invited and welcome. Guests can sit and relax with a newspaper and complimentary drink. It’s this warm atmosphere that draws in many customers to Article.


“One of the most flattering things working for Article is when people step inside for the first time — they immediately ask where our other stores are located,” says Darrell. “I believe that really says something about how we do things at Article.”


As far as the future goes, Article is looking to add one-of-a-kind vintage items that their customers won’t be able to find anywhere else. Article recently added Oak Mkt to their store during the City Flea last month. Oak Mkt consists of anything from vintage tees to old motorcycle helmets, which will be available in-store and online.


“We are excited to put this new part of Article in gear and offer some rare items to our customers,” says Darrell.


To learn more, visit, like them on Facebook, or visit their store at 1150 Vine Street Cincinnati, OH.