Beard and Beauty Spa

Beard and Beauty Spa

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See how a local beauty studio helps men and women feel confident and comfortable through healthy initiatives, products and services.

Whether you’re looking for an organic facial or a mental rejuvenation Beard and Beauty Spa is here to help.

“Beard and Beauty Spa is a health and wellness facility for individuals who are in need of a place that offers physical and mental rejuvenation,” explains owner Jennifer Holifield. “We provide customized organic facials, airbrush tan, permanent makeup, eyelash extension, and eyelash lifting along with retail aftercare products.”

Holifield says that she was inspired to open her own beauty business because she wanted to follow through with her own vision to offer a place where men and women could rebuild their confidence and peace through healthy initiatives, products, and services. 

Beard and Beauty Spa, Holifield says, is unique in many ways. “We specialize in all of our services,” she adds. “We have a unique beard treatment that no one is providing in Cincinnati.”

While the business continues to build in 2020, Holifield says that she’s aiming to collaborate with other organizations in the city to help give back to the community.

Beard and Beauty Spa is located at 4016 Allston Street, Suite 3, in Cincinnati.

Beard and Beauty Spa is currently building its website and Holifield says she expects it to be up and running in the next 2 to 3 weeks. To learn more about Beard and Beauty Spa, check out their website or follow along on Facebook and Instagram