Beautycounter’s Winter Beauty Survival Products

Beautycounter’s Winter Beauty Survival Products

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Gregg Renfrew, Beautycounter Founder

While you might be dreaming of a White Christmas, your skin is dreading it. That’s why Beautycounter, a new skincare and cosmetics company which launched in March 2013, offers a variety of safe and effective products that will keep your skin healthy and soft all-year long.


Beautycounter was created by an entrepreneur from Santa Monica named Gregg Renfrew who saw a need for change in the beauty care industry. Renfrew searched for better beauty options that were safe and delivered results, and wished there were something better out there to meet her needs. She eventually leveraged her background as a CEO and entrepreneur, along with her extensive industry research, and founded Beautycounter. Since then, the word about Beautycounter spread fast because the products are recommended friend to friend, and sold through social selling.

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Kristy Damron, an Independent Consultant for Beautycounter in Cincinnati, started paying more attention to the products she uses after having her baby in 2012. “I wanted to make a change for my family and the people I love and was so excited for the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing team at Beautycounter,” she explains. “I lost my mom at the age of 45 to cancer and strongly believe that the connection between our world today and the rise in major health issues is frightening.”


Julie Hartley an Independent Consultant for Beautycounter in Northern Kentucky joined best friend Damron in making a change. “I was so excited to go into business with Beautycounter because I have two small children and believe fully in Beautycounters mission to educate consumers on safe and effective beauty products,” says Hartley. After being diagnosed in 2009 with an autoimmune disease which attacks her thyroid, she is hopeful that choosing safe products will help in her battle to control the disease.


According to Damron and Hartley, Beautycounter is transparent with the strictest screening guidelines in the industry displaying every single ingredient on the label. In fact, with the belief that no one should have to sacrifice their health in the name of beauty, Beautycounter does not use any chemical or toxin that has been linked to human health issues.


In November, Beautycounter is launching a new kid’s line which they are expecting to be quite popular. Many new product lines to look forward to in the New Year include: a full anti-aging line, cosmetics, and a men’s line. Damron and Hartley say the following popular products will help your skin survive Old Man Winter this year.


Kristy Damron (left) Julie Hartley (right) 

Glow Sugar Scrub
This lemongrass scrub has brown sugar which buffs away dull skin while the essential oils leave your skin feeling hydrated and looking smooth and healthy. Pair with our Hydrating body lotion, which provides deep hydration and intense moisture with ingredients including Shea Butter, safflower oil, and jojoba butter.


Lip Sheers
The lip sheers are one of our most popular sellers. They go on smooth and provide lots of moisture for your lips. The lip sheers come in six colors and are free of all the harmful ingredients found in most lip products on the market.


Lustro Face Oils
The lustro face oils are plant based oils so they will not clog your pores or leave your face feeling greasy. They give your skin much needed vitamins and minerals while helping block out environmental toxins. Three oils are used for different skin types and have anti-aging and moisturizing properties while also helping with acne and many other common skin conditions.


According to Damron and Hartley, Beautycounter offers a 30 day guarantee, which makes trying to products easy. They also offer a membership for $10, with rewards including free shipping on orders over $100 for a year. Your $10 goes to one of three non-profits that are working to make great changes in the beauty industry:
– The Environmental Working Group (EWG)
– The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics
– Healthy Child Healthy World


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