Blowout Z Bar

Blowout Z Bar

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Good hair gets you everywhere and the newest blowout bar in Cincinnati - Blowout Z Bar - wants to help you get to your “there.”

Zamaris Geleszinski (center), Owner of Blowout Z Bar

Good hair. We all want it, but finding the time and patience to achieve it each day is another story. That’s where Blowout Z Bar can help.

With multiple blowout options to choose from, you can choose whether you want to keep your look sleek and sexy or voluminous and fun. New to the area with a very recent opening of March 16, Blowout Z bar is ready to set the Greater Cincinnati’s strands straight (or perhaps a wave, if you prefer).

Zamaris Geleszinski, owner of new Blowout Z Bar, and lover of adventure, exploring, and meeting new people, says that opening her own business seemed like the perfect new adventure to explore. She first discovered the concept when visiting LA with her husband and found that Cincinnati had not yet capitalized on the service and realized she had found her calling.

When asked what makes Blowout Z Bar unique, Geleszinski says it is all in their branding. “I am truly inspired by famous classic women throughout history. If you review our services, the titles are ‘The Jackie’ with direct inspiration from Jackie Kennedy and her style. She was so beautiful, respected, and poised. Other services include, ‘The Sophia’, ‘The Marilyn’, ‘The Farrah’. I aspire to be like these influential women that have left such an impact in our world,” says Geleszinski.

She says she wants her customers to feel as if they also have the power, influence, and great hair, of course, to conquer the world and leave an impact. Of their services offered, Geleszinski says The Jackie (straight with volume) and The Sophia (soft wave) are the most popular, with her personal favorite being The Sophia.

In addition to blowouts, Blowout Z bar also offers a few other services such as makeup application, up-dos, and extensions. In the future, they will also soon offer cut and colors by consultation. In addition, Geleszinski says, they have plans to expand further into other areas in the Midwest.

While Geleszinski says there is no one secret to a perfect blow-out, she says the right stylist and the right products can really make a blowout shine (quite literally depending on the products used). “I guess if it had to be one secret- it’d be dedication from our stylists. As long as you walk out of Blowout Z Bar feeling fabulous- that’s all that matters,” she says.

Blowout Z Bar is located at 3972 Red Bank Road Suite A500 in Cincinnati. To learn more, visit