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Bodied By GG

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Learn about a new local business that‘s helping to boost body confidence with a variety of noninvasive procedures.

Whether through fashion, social events or aesthetic services, Nakkiya Groomes‘ entrepreneurial path has been paved with various ways to boost self confidence. That’s why she was inspired to launch Bodied by GG.

“Bodied by GG is a company that specializes in aiding women and men with inch loss around the belly, back, sides, thighs, arms, chin and face using noninvasive techniques,” says Nakkiya Groomes, Owner and CEO of Bodied by GG. “We also provide other services, such as teeth whitening, butt and breast vacuum lift, vaginal rejuvenation, Pre-op and Post-op cosmetic surgery care.”

The inspiration behind the business came from Groomes seeing someone getting a procedure done on social media. “I actually saw someone receiving the service on Facebook Live and considered getting it done myself, but as I began looking into it more and the unique effects it has on the body without having to go under the knife,” she says. “I then became interested in providing the services myself.”

Groomes already has her own event management business called Glam Gods, which is where the GG came from. “I didn’t want to deter the men from getting services with too feminine of a name. All are welcome,” she says.

There are a wide variety of services offered through Bodied by GG and they include: 

• Ultrasound Cavitation: “Uses ultrasound waves to help burst and break down fat cells, while emptying through the body’s lymphatic system,” Groomes says.
• Laser Lipo: “Uses LED pads that emit laser technology deep into the skin to help burst and break down fat cells, while emptying through the body’s lymphatic system,” she says.
• Radio Frequency: “Uses radio frequency technology to tighten the skin,” Groomes says.
• Vacuum Suction: “Uses vacuum therapy to reduce the appearance of cellulite,” she says.
• Wood Therapy: “Used to sculpt the body, reduce inches off the body and used in post-op care,” Groomes says.
• Sauna Blanket: “Used to detox, good for weight loss, muscle pain ad high blood pressure,” she says.
• Teeth Whitening: “Self-assisted teeth whitening up to 5-10 shades lighter,” Groomes says.
• Vaginal Steaming: “Uses yoni herbs to help aid in good vaginal health and pH balance,” she says.
• Vaginal Rejuvenation (Coming Soon): “Vaginal tightening good for new mothers and aging women,” Groomes says.

Eventually, she wants to turn her business into a full medical spa.

The mission for the business is to provide services and have people understand how to maintain their bodies when they go home. “My mission is to ensure that every man and woman that has an experience at Bodied by GG, leaves with knowledge of the services received. Whether they get one session or 10, they know what to do to maintain their results,” Groomes says. 

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t allow walk ins, but you can make appointments, “so that we can maintain control of the number of bodies in the establishment,” she says.“I believe this business is important to the community because during this COVID-19 era, we all need something that makes us smile and feel good, that’s exactly what our services provide.”

Groomes’ favorite part of the job is seeing her clients experience results. She loves it when “after a few sessions, the customer starts noticing their results and their self-esteem starts beaming through and they begin to plan their dieting and exercise routine without me having to say a word,” she says. 

The business is unique because the services “are just now becoming a hot commodity,” Groomes says. “Work can be done under a knife and weeks of recovery time can now be done in weeks with no pain or down time.” 

Bodied by GG is located at: 1212 Sycamore Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45229. To learn more, call 513-952-1500 or email