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Boho Boudoir

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A local photographer wants to help you appreciate and love your body by capturing images that show your true, natural beauty. Read on for all the picture perfect details.

Sara Ayers wants to inspire women to appreciate and love their bodies, and she’s doing just that, one session at a time, with Boho Boudoir.

Boho Boudoir is a luxury body empowerment boudoir studio helping to empower women.

“Boho Boudoir was created after years of making traditional portraits and seeing a consistent lack of self-love from so many female clients,” explains Ayers. “I knew this was my passion after photographing my first boudoir session and seeing the client leave with an entirely different attitude toward herself than when she arrived.”

Ayers is the founder and lead photographer of Boho Boudoir, and she finds everyday inspiration to do what she does by the growing strength and mutual respect of other women and those who identify as female.

“The sense of community from other local female creators has been an invaluable source of support and encouragement as I have continued to build my business,” she adds.  

At Boho Boudoir, Ayers makes sure that she takes time to consider all of the details to help make clients feel comfortable and at ease during sessions.

“It isn’t just about producing beautiful, high-quality images, it is about creating a positive space where our clients can appreciate themselves on a level they haven’t already, or truly celebrating themselves if they have,” she says.

Sessions from Boho Boudoir include a 2-hour portrait session, professional hair and makeup, a pre-shoot consultation, advice on wardrobe and styling, and industry professional editing and natural retouching of all final images. 

There are three luxury collections available for purchase from Boho Boudoir that include fine art albums, metal prints, digital files, and more.

Ayers says that she’s looking forward to expanding her services, as soon as it’s safe to do so. Those expansions include Chicago, Louisville, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, and Buffalo. 

To learn more about Boho Boudoir, visit You can also stay in touch on Facebook and via email.