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After COVID-19 left her out of a job, a local creative launched a business focused on providing customers with luxury, handcrafted skincare products. Click to read more.

Boujee Bar Skincare uses high-quality ingredients to create relaxing, luxurious skin care products.

Havilah Asher has a passion for creating quality products that embody relaxation, luxury, and natural beautification, so launching her own skin care company only made sense. 

Asher is the founder behind Boujee Bar Skincare, a plant-based company that specializes in handcrafted luxe skin care products.

“We are passionate about self-care and make our products with the intention to not only moisturize the skin but to uplift the spirit as well,” says Asher. “Our offerings range from moisturizing soaps, silky butters, and revitalizing scrubs, which, combined, create an impactful skin care regimen.”

The inspiration behind Boujee Bar Skincare comes from a passion for researching quality ingredients that help users relax while enjoying luxurious, natural beauty products.

“Each collection, soap, scrub, and butter, revolves around an essential herb or highlighted essential oil blend,” says Asher. “Raw natural shea butter is one of our key ingredients because of its ability to lock, seal, and protect the skin. Our shea butter is sourced from West Africa where the grade is dense, making is perfect for moisturization. We also incorporate other rich oils such as black seed oil, jojoba, cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, and organic coconut. Our moisturizing soaps can take up to 4-6 weeks to make in order to get a pure bar. The cold press processes are important to achieve the company’s standard.”

Asher doesn’t skimp on the oils, she only uses oils that are infused with herbs and botanicals. 

Havilah Asher, Founder of Boujee Bar Skincare

“We grow our own lavender, rosemary, and mint,” says Asher. “The process can take anywhere between days, weeks, or months. Our scrubs go through a two-day process to create its luxurious, revitalizing feel.”

The scents from Boujee Bar Skincare are unique and vital to the brand. “We use the same technique in the perfume process to create our unique essential oil blends for our products,” she explains. “The goal is to create a natural, long-lasting scent with no alcohol. Each essential oil is selected based on its impact and fragrance potency. We try to make our products beautiful in every sense. We decorate our soaps with botanicals and use natural clays or powders for color.”

Asher says the reward is when people tell her how much they love the soaps and the improvements it has made on their skin. “When you find enjoyment in skincare or self-care, it becomes less of a routine and instead a sacred ritual,” she adds.

Asher herself is a Cincinnati native and a self-described “quintessential independent creative.” 

She says that she turned her own love and skincare regimen into something that she can share with others. 

Her history with soaping started two years ago while shew as working at a commercial firm. At a time when she was frequently coming home stressed out, she saw the impact it was having on her skin in addition to her issues with eczema and dryness. 

“Soaping allowed me to create my own stress relief,” she says. “It evolved into a passion for crafting, oils, and ingredients.”

Asher launchd her business just a month prior to the COVID-19 outbreak. “When I lost my job due to layoffs, I was secretly devastated,” she says. “That propelled me to finally create something for myself.”

And the hard work paid off. Today, Asher is the founder and CEO of her own company and finds joy in helping others find a skincare regimen that works for them.

When you shop Boujee Bar Skincare, you’ll find a variety of skin care products including soaps, butters, scrubs, gift sets, and body collections. Shipping is available online across the country and Saturday deliveries are available as well.

Asher says she’s looking forward to the year with Boujee Bar Skincare. She will showcase a featured collection each month to give customers the opportunity to look forward to trying something new. 

The month of January features the Polish Gold Collection. “This collection was designed to clean, smooth, and polish the skin,” says Asher. 

She’s also on the lookout for brand ambassadors who value natural, handcrafted, luxury items.

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