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Looking for a way to relieve stress during your wedding planning (and primping) process? Learn more about Brides+Bites+Burpees, where workouts are a party.

Nicole Leisen and Ashley Thomas, founders of Brides+Bites+Burpees

A wedding is the start of a new life together. But it’s all too easy to get stressed and buried in the planning process. That’s why Nicole Leisen and Ashley Thomas launched Brides+Bites+Burpees, which combines a workout — or “Fitness Party” — complete with your closest friends, fun exercise, healthy bites and a low-cal alcoholic beverage.

Leisen and Thomas, personal trainers and fitness group instructors, wanted to make wellness fun for brides-to-be and their circle of friends.

“Health, fitness, friends and good food and drinks are some of our favorite things in everyday life, so it made so much sense to come together to share the things we love the most and share it with other busy girls in the Cincinnati area,” the two explain.

Brides can select their food and workout from a menu of options. “All of our food items are ‘skinny,’ meaning we provide light and healthy options.

The workouts vary. The three formats we currently offer are bachelorette’s booty blast, totally bodacious bride and pre-HIIT hitched. Each of the workouts are unique in their own way offering brides a total body workout to get them ready for their big day.”

The one move they suggest women do everyday even if for only five minutes? Burpees. “Let’s be honest, they are the worst, but they do everything at once and reap many benefits in a short amount of time — cardio, core, upper/lower body strength, mobility and flexibility,” they say. brides+bites+burpees offers in-home fitness parties for the bride-to-be and her gal pals.

“We understand planning a wedding can be one of the most special, yet stressful times,” they say. “Don’t lose sight of your fitness or your social life. kick-start the nuptial celebrations with two things everyone can agree on; working out and partying!”

Their next Fitness Party that’s open to the public is July 9 at 7p.m. at Alms Park. Not a bride yourself, but know someone that is? A Fitness Party is a great gift idea, according to Leisen and Thomas.

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