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After 20 years in the makeup industry, a local beauty guru took a leap of faith into the microblading business and has been on the rise since she opened her doors 3 years ago.

Honour Hook, Founder of Brow OTR

Microblading isn’t going away any time soon and Honour Hook is helping her clients look and feel better with her microblading business Brow OTR. 

The inspiration behind the business came from Hook’s own desire to find a brow solution for herself and found microblading on Instagram.

“As a makeup artist of over 20 years I was immediately intrigued to learn more,” she says. “I researched businesses offering the service and then decided to find a certification program.”

Hook went through two certification programs – with Occhi Lash and Brow in Chicago and PhiBrows Academy. “The rest is history,” she says. “Microblading is one of the most challenging skills I have ever learned. I went into the program believing I would be immediately offering service but little did I know how extreme the learning curve would be.”

Today Brow OTR offers a European style of microblading created by the famous PhiBrow Academy, microshading, and lash extensions. 

Hook says all of the artists at Brow OTR are Phi certified, which she adds is a big deal in the industry. 

The services, skills, and customer base you’ll find at Brow OTR are a big accomplishment for a studio that’s been around for three years, and just recently grew into a new stand-alone studio space.

“I started by offering services to friends, family, and clients I knew from my years in the makeup industry,” she explains. “I was working out of BRIDEface, the owner Nancy is a friend of mine and gave me the space for free to help me get up and get running. I branded the business separately in hopes of eventually growing and moving into my own studio.”

And Brow OTR found the growth it needed. “There were very few businesses offering microblading services in Cincinnati so I feel that I was a bit ahead of the curve,” she says. “Business grew by word of mouth and I was booking out a month in advance by the end of my first year.”

Since then, Brow OTR has opened its own studio on Court Street in the heart of Over-the-Rhine, which Hook says is the heart of the city.

Hook says that she wants her studio to be known for offering exceptional service to its clients. “While I don’t anticipate a huge menu of offerings, we are constantly looking into adding services we feel would benefit our clients while keeping consistent with you brand – so stay tuned for more,” she explains.

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