Buy Something Beautiful For Your Sister

Buy Something Beautiful For Your Sister

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Sonia Jackson Myles, Founder of The Sister Accord
Photo credit: Beverli Alford 

Mean girls grow up to be mean women if there is no intervention. That’s why The Sister Accord aims to be that necessary intervention. Sonia Jackson Myles, founder of The Sister Accord, is showing women and girls that you don’t need to destroy your fellow sister to be successful.


What started out as a dream has quickly evolved into using her voice to shed light on a topic that is often ignored. “We are giving girls and women the tools to have healthy relationships with each other,” she says. “We have to stop feeling like we have to compete with each other and learn how to effectively support one another so that everyone can reach their goals and aspirations.”


On August 31, 2013, the City of Cincinnati proclaimed that day as Sister Accord Day. The Sister Accord has three important areas of focus: educating girls and women through scholarships, enlightening them of the power of sisterhood, and eradicating bullying and violence.


The Buy Something Beautiful…for Your Sister event is the first fundraiser for The Sister Accord Foundation. It will be held at Macy’s Fountain Place on Nov. 9 from 5-8 p.m. They will have wine and chocolate tasting, music, a fashion show and a 25% store-wide discount. In addition, Terry Ellis, from the group EnVogue, will be in attendance to co-host the event! The first 150 people to purchase tickets will receive a special gift bag and have a chance to win a BMW weekend lease.


“I want to use this fundraising event to share more deeply with the women and men in Cincinnati how we must come together to save our sons and daughters,” says Myles. “Bullying and violence are at an all-time high – so we must address root causes and give people the tools to improve. I want to help people understand that there are more positive choices in how we interact with each other. Great relationships don’t just happen, you must invest in them and take the time to nurture them.”


Today, the movement has gone global. Since the launch of The Sister Accord Resolution, Myles has published a book, been invited to numerous schools, corporations and universities to share the message of the movement, and has partnered up with The Hilton, TJ Maxx, and Cintas to name a few.


“Now, having my Sister Accord Jewelry Collection at Macy’s is the icing on the cake!” says Myles. “My business partner, Lisa Adkinson, from Lisa Robin Jewelry, helped to bring my dream to life for a jewelry line and we’re excited to have five bracelets and necklaces released from a collection that will eventually have 10 pieces each in total. These pearl bracelets have either LOVE, JOY, PEACE, SELFLESSNESS or SISTER ACCORD on the charm.”


Myle’s mission is to have 1 billion girls and women live under the principles of The Sister Accord. “Imagine the world we will live in when this is our reality,” she says. “It’s the legacy I want to leave behind for my grandchildren.”


Myles says they are currently in the throes of The Sister Accord Challenge Program. “We are asking people to select one aspect from The Sister Accord Resolution that they will agree to live by and to record themselves sharing their commitment,” she explains. “We then ask that you to upload your video to social media with the hashtag #sisteraccordchallenge, then tag three friends to do the same. The friends have 24 hours to accept the challenge or donate $50 to The Sister Accord Foundation.”


To learn more about the challenge, watch The Sister Accord Challenge Video. For additional information regarding The Sister Accord movement, visit


“We need to know the power of coming together and I’m happy that the work I’m leading is making a difference,” says Myles. “Our city has gone through some difficult times, but I think the time is now and right for us to rally around my ‘Revolution of LOVE’ theme to move from the past, look to the future and inspire our youth and adults to find ways to work together to benefit the citizens of Cincinnati and surrounding areas. We can do this!”