Chocolate and Exfoliation

Chocolate and Exfoliation

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102411BEAUTY.jpgThis marks the tenth year that the Spa at Hotel Hershey has been open, and a lot of the treatments at the spa are exactly as a chocolate lover would hope they were. For this reason, the chocolate line is one of the spa’s more popular, says Rachel Dinbokowitz, a Hershey public relations specialist. In addition to this, the Spa at Hotel Hershey has Cuban, country abundance and rose garden lines.


Each of the lines ties back to Hershey’s founder Milton Hershey in some way, Dinkbokowitz says. "Milton Hershey had sugar mills and plantations in Cuba to make his chocolate, which inspired the Cuban line," she says. "His wife loved roses, so that’s why we launched the rose garden line. And the country abundance line was inspired by Hershey’s need to get milk for his chocolates."


The spa has chocolate treats to give to its guests, like chocolate muffins, hot chocolate and Hershey’s Kisses. But in February 2012, the spa is looking to incorporate edible chocolate even more closely to the experience: The spa will feature edible chocolate facials.


The great thing about the spa, however, isn’t the treats that surround it – chocolate is an antioxidant, which is great for the skin. "Hershey has a pattened treatment," Dinkbokowitz says. "You’re kind of in a whipped hot chocolate bath when you’re in the spa."


It’s for these reasons that Dinkbokowitz’ favorite spa treatment at the Hotel Hershey is the chocolate fondue wrap. "You’re wrapped up in a mud with cocoa essence," she says. "It’s this warm cocoon that you’re in, and it’s wonderful."


of these treatments, patrons receive about 1,689 chocolate fondue wraps and about 31,883 massages a year. In addition to singular treatments, guests can choose from an assortment of spa packages the hotel offers, too.


Approaching on the spa’s horizon is the annual launch of their seasonal lines. "For October and November we have pumpkin and for December we do peppermint and seasonal spices," Dinkbokowitz says.