Cincimakeup Hosts “Makeup of a Confident Woman”

Cincimakeup Hosts “Makeup of a Confident Woman”

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A local makeup artist is launching a new makeup class series and is kicking it off with confidence. Read on for all the details.

Kelly Neaves is hosting a serious of makeup classes called “Makeup of a Confident Woman.”

Kelly Neaves, a Professional Makeup Artist and founder of Cincimakeup, is helping women look and feel their best through expert makeup techniques. So much so, she’s teaching clients how to apply her techniques at home so they can always look and feel their best.

“I like to teach the more realistic everyday makeup,” says Neaves.

Cincimakeup is one of three event vendors based in the 915 Monmouth Street Studios in Newport. This venue functions as an office space for Cincimakeup, Five Dot Design, and Marti Heard Designs, and also a unique event and meeting space. While Neaves is an “on location” makeup artist for weddings and other venues, she enjoys hosting events in the 915 Monmouth Street studio space. In fact, she will be launching a new Master Class event series, where women can book appointments to learn tips and tricks by professional makeup artists while enjoying refreshments and friends.

The first in the series will get started on March 16, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., with a “Makeup of a Confident Woman” theme. Neaves is taking bookings for eight women total at $45 per person, which includes your makeup lessons, drinks, food, and a free gift.

“Special classes with smaller groups like this is much more effective,” says Neaves. For example, Neaves says, the artists will be able to teach women how to apply liquid eyeliner to their specific eye shape, match foundation to their skin tone, how to contour, and use under eye brightening tools.

Neaves says attendees of these classes will get a personalized experience because they’ll not only learn specific tips and tricks, but will also get to address any specific makeup concerns during their one-on-one time with their makeup artist.

“Every woman has their own concerns,” says Neaves. “That’s why the Master Class is made up of smaller groups- it’s more intimate, and much more fun.”

While Neaves works with a variety of high-end makeup brands, experts from Trish McEvoy will be on-hand at the March 16 event to work with the women one-on-one. “Trish McEvoy comes in a few hours early to set everything up for that night, and I set up the wine and champagne,” says Neaves. “Once the class shows up, we will hang out with some drinks, talk about what we want to achieve, and get started.”

Neaves not only offers pre-scheduled sessions, but customized ones as well. “If someone wants to bring a group of 6-8 people in, and can set a date and time for everyone to be here, I am more than happy to work with them,” says Neaves. “Customized classes, as well as pre-scheduled classes are $45.”

To learn more about Cincimakeup, or to book a class, click here.