Dr. Magdalena Kerschner, Victory Wellness & Medspa

Dr. Magdalena Kerschner, Victory Wellness & Medspa

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Inspired by her own struggles with hormone imbalances, weight loss, and aging skin, a local doctor opened her own practice to help others with those same issues. Read on for more!


Dr. Magdalena Kerschner, Owner of Victory Wellness & Medspa

Dr. Magdalena Kerschner is a board certified anesthesiologist and board certified interventional pain specialist. She’s also someone who’s struggled with hormone issues, prematurely aging skin, and weight problems.

After earning a medical degree from Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit, and an anesthesiology residency as the University of Kentucky in Lexington, Kerschner opened Victory Wellness & Medspa. Her Montgomery-based practice combines her professional medical background with her personal struggles to help others with the very hormone issues, aging skin, and weight problems she, too, experienced.

“My extensive experience as a physician and a woman helps me to understand people’s needs and how to care for them,” says Kerschner. “I have a personal passion for personal growth and passion for beauty. I believe we should try to be the best that we can be at any point of our lives. I believe in preventative medicine as opposed to conventional pharmaceutical medicine. Patient interaction. I am very gratified when patients become happy and lead fulfilling lives once again.”

Today, Victory Wellness & Medspa offers several services and programs for weight loss and hormone replacement, as well as skin services for anti-aging treatments for men and women.

Kerschner says that when her patients leave Victory Wellness & Medspa, she wants them to leave feeling better about themselves.

“We are unique because we care for the external as well as internal well-being of people,” she says.

Caring for the overall well being of her patients leads to positive responses, which Kerschner says makes her job all the more worthwhile. “I had a patient who told me that for the first time she feels alive and enjoys living life to the fullest,” she adds. “I define success as a grateful smile on my patient’s face.”

Kerschner is also the founder of the Unleash Your Sparkle Gala, which was hosted in September and saw more than 180 guests. The event, which included a cocktail reception, silent auction, dinner, and entertainment, supported the Division of Integrative Care at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

Kerschner says she was inspired to spearhead this year’s event due to her own experiences in the medical field. After many years of practicing traditional medicine and treating an illness after it’s already developed, Kerschner turned to preventive medicine, resulting in healthier and happier patients.

As she heads into the new year, Kerschner says she hopes to continue offering and providing solutions to the health and wellness needs of others when it comes to hormonal imbalances, weight loss issues, and anti-aging treatments.

To learn more about Victory Wellness & Medspa or to schedule an appointment, visit victorywellness.com or call 513-936-3065.