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Kelly Lund launched Dream In Lace in August 2013

With a passion for fashion and beauty, as well as a desire to inspire others to find a style of their own, Kelly Lund launched Dream In Lace, in August of 2013. Her blog focuses on all things fashion and beauty, featuring designer collections and the latest trends from all over the world.


“I started a small blog on Tumblr last year showing celebrity fashion and all the designer collections, and it really gave me the taste for how much fun it can be. I wanted to do more!” she explains. “Having my own blog, the possibilities are endless. Dream in Lace itself stems from how much I love lace itself, but also it was the start of a new dream. I love fashion and writing so it’s the perfect combination of the two.”


Dream in Lace features the latest fashion collections from designers, such as Lavin and Nina Ricci, and the most sought after beauty products. “September was ‘Fashion Month’ as I call it, with New York, London, Milan, and Paris fashion weeks. I was very very busy blogging about several collections. So, my audience grew a lot from that,” Lund explains. “It was a lot of fun to see my popularity rise in other parts of the world through Google Analytics. Several of my readers live in Australia and Japan which I find really interesting as an American.”


Through Dream In Lace, Lund is able to share her love for fashion and beauty products with people across the world. Plus, she’s able to provide Cincinnati with one of the few local blogs that focuses on both fashion and beauty.


“There are a lot of fashion blogs out there but there’s a surprising lack of fashion blogs in Cincinnati. So, my blog angle is definitely unique since I am a Cincinnati-girl and proud of it,” Lund laughs. “Once all the fashion weeks are over I’m really excited to start promoting the fashion of Cincinnati. I’m going to be looking for any fashion shows or events I think would be of interest to readers. I’m excited to explore the fashion community around Cincinnati and meet some new faces, and hopefully find a shopping buddy or two.”


Other than being a devout fashionista, Lund also inspire others outside of the blog world through a non-profit program called Stepping Stones for children and adults with disabilities. “It’s really touched my heart in a big way to work in such a compassionate and amazing place,” Lund explains.


Lund enjoys the sense of community between bloggers.

Lund’s sense of community and helping others through working with Stepping Stones has carried over to the blog world as well. “One of the best things I’ve discovered about blogging is what a strong sense of community there is between bloggers. I really hope to work with other bloggers more,” Lund says. “I’m looking to start featuring other bloggers on my blog more. I’m happy to have found some of these really great blogs and I want to share them with my readers too.”


Since the launch of Dream In Lace, blog viewers have responded very well to Lund’s unique take on the fashion and beauty world. “My readers have loved all the designer Spring/Summer 2014 collections I’ve showcased in September,” she reflects. “Honestly, I wasn’t expecting anyone to care about my fashion week coverage so I was blogging it purely for myself…but people really like it! I have so much fun putting my posts together. I get lost in it. Whenever you get lost in something and lose track of time completely, that’s when you know you love it.”


With so much success in such a short period of time Lund can only hope that her blog will continue to grow and the possibilities will be endless. To learn more about Dream In Lace, visit www.dreaminlace.com.