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Eye Do Makeup & Hair

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Jami Shell beautifying a bride-to-be

Perfect hair and makeup are a must for any special occasion, especially “the big day.”


Eye Do Makeup & Hair LLC is an award winning, on location bridal makeup and hair service. “We pride ourselves in our training and we are up to date on the latest trends and styles to make the bride’s wedding day stress free,” says Jami Shell, assistant business coordinator.


Eye Do Makeup & Hair is a team of 30 makeup artists and hair stylists, from Dayton, Columbus and Cincinnati-based salons such as Urban Loft, Michael’s and Salon Reveal. They offer various services to clients, such as wedding day hair and makeup for the bride, bridal hair clips and veils, bridal party hair and makeup, special occasion hair and makeup, and tattoo/scar/body camouflage.


“We offer a complimentary airbrushing and lashes with no travel fees,” says Shell. “The HD MAC airbrushing foundation is a 12-14 hour water proof wear that is stunning on all ages and skin types. It uses a silicone base that helps minimize fine lines and large pores.”


The business launched in 2009 after realizing a demand for on-location bridal beautification. “My business partner, Crystal Henize, worked for MAC for over six years, and after doing market research, we found that no one in the Dayton or Cincinnati markets were really advertising themselves as on-location for bridal hair and makeup,” explains Shell. “Crystal has amazing business sense, and she went for it!”


The company started out as Eye Do Makeup and Lash Design LLC, but expanded to offer hair services soon thereafter. It started with a team of five artists and grew the team to 30 artists over the years.


While they specialize in on-location services, they also have three studio spaces in Columbus, Oakwood, and the O’bryonville area. “We are hoping to expand to Cleveland and Indianapolis in the next year,” says Shell.


Shell and Henize are also about to launch their own makeup line. “The line is called ‘Eye Do Makeup’ and our first part of the line is called ‘Here Comes the Bride,'” says Shell. “This line features everything we love about makeup, a 12-14 hour wear with waterproof eye, lip, and cheek products.”


While Eye Do Makeup & Hair is in the bridal market for eight months of the year, they also offer other makeup and hair services for boudoir photo shoots, backstage fashion shows, and commercials. They are also offering makeup classes this fall and winter to fellow artists and to the everyday woman at their Oakwood and Cincinnati studios.


“We use our training as a way to utilize all the talent and skill of our artists,” explains Shell. “We bring beauty to the bride and the entire bridal party. They can relax until it’s time for the pictures!”


For more information about Eye Do Makeup & Hair, visit www.eyedoairbrush.com.