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Andrea Alkire, owner and estetician at Faux Glo Studio

The summer sun gives you that gorgeous glow, but it also comes with harmful UV rays. Get that radiance without the risks by visiting the new Faux Glo Studio in Mason.


“Growing up, I was a huge sun worshipper,” recalls Andrea Alkire, Faux Glo Studio owner and esthetician. “I caused so much damage and premature aging to my skin, that I needed three photo facial laser treatments to remove the damage I caused.”


Alkire later wised up to her sun worshiping ways and looked for a better solution. She’s now made a career and business out of it. “As an esthetician, I’ve spent the last six years helping others fight the signs of aging,” she explains.


In fact, she says, a high percentage of age-associated cosmetic skin problems can be attributed to sun. “Overexposure to the sun changes the texture and weakens the elastic properties of the skin,” she adds. That explains her motivation behind getting to the root of these common skincare issues by providing better sunless solutions in the first place.


“Because photo aging of the skin is cumulative, it is never too late for a person to start a sun protection program,” says Alkire. “My goal is to provide every client with a natural looking tan with zero exposure to UV rays.”


She does just that through her new Mason-based Faux Glo Studio, which launched March 19, 2014. “I wanted to help educate others on the importance of protecting their skin while still having a healthy bronze glow,” says Alkire.


Faux Glo Studio offers custom airbrush spray tans and full body waxing services. And you won’t find any spray tan booths here. “At Faux Glo Studio I personally spray you – no spray booth here to make sure you receive an even, flawless tan,” says Alkire.


Faux Glo Studio carries South Seas Skincare, the official spray tan of Dancing with the Stars. These products are also used on more than 40 Hollywood sets including “Modern Family,” “Suburgatory,” “Sons of Anarchy,” and “True Blood.”


“So, come feel like a star in under 30 minutes,” says Alkire. “South Seas Skincare solutions and body care products are cruelty-free, made with natural and organic ingredients, and provide a universal color for all clients.”


Spray tans can be purchased in single visits, packages or $75 monthly membership. All South Seas products are under $30. Waxings range from $12-$65, depending on the area.


Faux Glo Studio is located in Sola Salon Studios – at 9313 Mason Montgomery Rd Suite 11 Mason, Ohio 45040 – next to the Deerfield Shopping Center. For more information visit fauxglostudio.com or “like their Facebook Page.